How much should your lawn care business grow each year?

There is a range a lawn care business can grow without it having the problem of potentially imploding upon itself. This range tends to be between 10% and 20% growth a year. The first couple of years may not follow this range because you may be functioning with a lot of unused time and infrastructure, but once you get a full schedule, your growth show be slow, steady, and sustainable. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, growth rates can differ but there are some averages your business may want to use as a goal.

One lawn care business owner wrote “here’s a thought that may help some that are teetering on whether or not they should get into the business or not. To give you an idea of the type of growth we have seen may allow you to figure out if you need to work harder or not to match it. Keep in mind that we haven’t done anything out of the ordinary with our marketing to attain this growth.

How many weekly customers have you serviced each year since you have started your business? In this number, include your weekly mowing customers and your one time customers that hired you for jobs such as mulch jobs, hedge trimmings etc…

Lawn Care Company Growth Rate

Lawn Care Company Growth Rate

In my case we are entering our 3rd year,

  • 1st Year: 9 weekly customers, 7 one time customers.
  • 2nd Year: 24 weekly customers, 27 one time customers.

I expected the start up to be slow. I wasn’t sure how I would handle it at the time so having a slow start up was actually good in my case. It gave me time to learn more about the business and what customers look for. This year my goal is to get to 40 weekly customers.

Each one of those initially customers I still have today. So I guess we must be doing something right. These were my first and they pay the same as when we first started them as I view them as the ones that gave us a chance so I keep them the same.”

A second lawn care company said “my company doubled for years until now. Currently we grow at a rate of 12 to 20 percent a year. I wish I could still double my customer base every year, but that would be hard to manage. My first year, my partner and I picked up close two 200 properties. Then we split the business and went our separate ways.”

A third shared “we have found some fairly steady growth of lawn care customers over the first three years we have been in business.

  • First year: 10 weekly customers
  • Second year: 18 weekly and 2 one time
  • Third year: 32 weekly and 5 one time….plus whatever else I could pick up.

In my third year I was able to pick up 10 yards from another local business that was closing down and didn’t want to leave his customers stranded so he gave them to me. With the third year season underway, there is a big possibility I will be able to get even more customers. I have recently received 4 mowing contracts for this year, and have submitted several other. Just waiting to hear back from them.

For me, it seems like the third year has really been the breakout year. I know a lot of new businesses don’t make it this far but they should try as hard as they can to do so. This is around the time when your word of mouth advertising begins to take off and you really start getting the feel for how to bid and how to profit on each job. Your schedule tends to be fuller so you don’t feel desperate to low ball bid mowing jobs and that improves your bottom line. You can take jobs if they pay well. If they don’t, you can pass.”

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