How many lawn care flyers should I put out per week?

If you ask 5 different lawn care business owners their view on how many lawn care flyers you should pass out, prepare to get a bunch of varied responses. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we look into if using flyers is a viable marketing method. For some it is not. Then we hear what advertising methods they choose to use instead.

One lawn care business owner asked “for those of you passing out flyers door to door, how many do you put out a week on average?”

A second lawn care business owner said “I completely gave up on lawn care flyers for mowing work. Instead I put more focus into delivering the highest quality product for the most fair price and customer service had to be high. The last year I did lawns I handed out 1,500 flyers in my immediate area and got 2 responses, neither of which yielded anything. IN MY OPINION it is a high cost method of advertising with little a reward. Maybe it’s just me though.”

A third shared “it’s not just you, lawn care flyers are expensive with little turn around. Say you send out 1,000 flyers and get maybe 2-3 calls. The best thing you can do is network through your current customers, use their connections and tell them referrals lead to discounts for them. I’ve never handed out flyers. I’ve been kind, done a good job, and have been reliable. Let that do the work. I have 20+ mowing accounts. I could get more but I have non stop calls for hardscapes, mulch, planting etc. In my phone today I have over 160 contacts from prior jobs and not one flyer passed out.”

A fourth added “I have passed out thousands upon thousands of flyers with NO NEW CUSTOMERS.

I have however had great response with a small classified ad in the local newspaper. At just $6 bucks a week, I got 18 weekly and 3 bi-weekly customers, with monthly income of just over $2,500. I know seems like it’s small, but I am growing each month.

Forget the door hangers, flyers, etc. Use business cards, classified ads, and don’t forget the INTERNET.

My web sight has gotten me 5 VERY good very high end lawns.”

A fifth said “I mow lawns in Florida so the response may be higher, but door hanging is my favorite way to advertise. I get between a .75% and 1.5% response rate. It takes me 1 hour to deliver 100 flyers. So I get around 1 job for every hour I walk the neighborhoods. I always park my truck and trailer in front of the neighborhood so people see my signs, I dress like a landscaper, am friendly, and I don’t interrupt anyone’s day. Most of my lawns are $80 per month so the return is huge if you have the right expectations. All of my flyers are black and white on green paper. I pay about 6 cents a piece for them. So I spend about an hour each time and $6 to get a new customer. It’s worth every penny!!”

One last landscaper said “here is an idea I recently did… 20 cents a flyer. I put an ad on craigslist looking for people to hand out flyers. I printed out a sheet with directions for them, went on google earth to target areas, and counted the houses on the streets. This way I could send out 5 or 6 people in areas I targeted. I paid them .20 a flyer to place in the door.

After 60 houses they get $12. We did about 500 of them and I paid them after the work was done. Of those 500, I got 1 call, and it was for a fall clean up. Waste of time and money in my eyes.

My new idea is this…buying pens in bulk with your name on it and passing them out to restaurants. There was a survey that came out that 60%-65% of restaurant customers don’t mow their own lawns. I figure if you buy a few hundred pens, then pass them out to restaurants, the servers and customers will see them. The pens will start to move about the community and everyone will see your name.”

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