How lowballing will burn you out and bleed you dry.

When you don’t charge enough for lawn care services, you are going to burn yourself out. There is no worse feeling than to work hard all week, month, season and at the end of the year, look at your bank account to see you are broke. Here is a great example from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum on how you can work your tail off and still be broke. If you don’t value your time no one else will. Charge a competitive rate and don’t low ball. This lawn care business owner seemed to be taking too long to perform his lawn mowing and charging about half the rate he should be.

He wrote “ok so, my mind is always thinking so once again I am thinking about everything. My wife and kid, work, bills, home, vehicles, money, the economy, equipment, customers, everything.

So, today I was thinking to myself, if you are a one man show with no help whatsoever, how many lawns can you do by yourself? I cannot answer this question for anyone except me. I pull my hair out trying to figure what I am missing and what can I do with a trailer, mower, trimmer, ladder, etc…? All Alone? I am a working SOB.

I put in 18 hours a week with my lawn care business and work another 55 hour week at my full time job. I have nice commercial grade equipment and a nice trailer.¬† I want to quit my job and go full time with my business but I just don’t know what the financial difference would be if I added 40 more lawns after quitting my day job.Would I be making more money or less?

Maybe I am just not getting it because I just don’t see how my lawn care business is going to make it charging $20 a lawn. Other lawn care business owners must have a lot of money from other means and have no bills. Unless they are making a killing off of their customers, I can’t seem to make it all work in my head. It takes me on average, 45 minutes per house to mow the property. I am very meticulous when I work and I don’t miss anything or do a half ass job.

I am not afraid of hard work and I don’t stop. I love money. It is what motivates me. I am the guy that has to keep up with the Jones’. If you have a 100 inch flat screen TV and your showing me up, I will go buy a 120 inch TV. I’ve always been like that, always. You say you have $20 grand in the bank I will want to show you $25.

I know there are some lawn care business owners who make a lot of money and there are some who just do what they can. Either way is fine, but I want to become rich. My goal for next spring is to have 45 lawn accounts.

Since, I work a full time job plus my lawn care business and I have done very well financially this past year. But I am getting damn tired. I question how far I need to take all this. This cycle of making money and spending money. I know it takes both in order for it to work, but if I spend $1,000 I want to make $4,000. If I spend $20 I want to make $100.

So my question is all about how far must I be willing to go to have a new truck? New equipment? A new vehicle for my wife? Good schools for my kid? Nice toys? And a good bank roll? Or is there really no money in this and everyone in the industry is just doing it so they don’t have to work for someone else all the while only making a few hundred dollars a week? I don’t know.

I have not yet committed myself full time to my lawn care business, but I do want to see a grand future. If I put up some extra effort and get motivated and quit my damn job and move forward, will it all go up in a flash? Could I lose everything I have worked so hard for at any moment? If so, why should I risk it all? What is there to gain?

I want my wife and kid to be happy and have some nice stuff, and have a future. When my dad died, he left me with nothing. I don’t want to repeat the same cycle. I just can’t figure out how to make it work unless I live somewhere else and have nothing. I can’t live on the $200 a week my lawn care business is currently bringing in. That I know.

I currently am charging my customers the same hourly rate I am making at work. I figure if a competitor won’t push a mower for $20 an hour because they want $25, they had better get the hell out of the way because I will do it for $20. I know the mentality of some and that is they will call me a low baller, but I see it as being competitive. Not only am I willing to make $5 less an hour than what you wanted, I will find more than one way to make more money off of the customers I get.

That’s my rant for the week. Somebody please throw there opinion down. I want to know if I am out of my mind or what. Am I missing something, I dont know. I just want to make this work and can’t figure out how.”

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