How I got my first lawn aeration job.

Here is a way you can find lawn care aeration customers. This one member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us how he gained his first customer of the season via a newspaper ad. It wasn’t just any old newspaper ad, it was something the newspaper calls Daily Deals. This section allows an ad to be placed for free as long as it contains a deal for the newspaper reader. Let’s look into this a little further as maybe something similar is offered in your area that could help your company.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I landed my first aeration job today and it feels good to get one under my belt. It’s not a big job, just a 3,000 sq ft area but still a good start for the season. I am hoping if I do a good job that I will be able to land the mowing contract for this property as well. The customer is a real nice guy and I hope he will help get my name circulating amongst the neighbors.

The owner of the property is retired and mows his own lawn. Lately though he said he has been getting tired of doing it and just didn’t want to aerate or de-thatch it. I will of course give him a bid on the mowing. Hopefully this property will set me up for more work in the immediate area. It’s in a great neighborhood so I expect at least a referral or two.

The way I found this customer was through a newspaper ad. In our local newspaper they have a thing kind of like Groupon. It’s called Daily Deals. I did one of those for a $30 gift certificate for $15. Only sold 3, but one was the aerate / de-thatch job, so I felt it was awesome marketing. I haven’t heard from the other two buyers yet, they could be good or could just simply be someone looking for a cheap mow. The deal gets sent out to 5,000 local subscribers, so it’s a great way to market for no real cost to me, unless they sign up for a service. You can only do it once every two months, but free is free right?

First lawn aeration job.

First lawn aeration job.

With the Daily Deal, the newspaper has a real nice setup. On their site they have a nice page with a picture and write up about your company. You have to offer a deal that is at least 50% off. The customer has an account on the site and can purchase the item directly from there. The business owner does nothing yet. Once the deal is done (24 hrs), they send you the list of people that bought the deal. It is then up to the customer to get in touch with you, or come to your store or whatever the case may be. The only thing I have to do is go out and give an estimate on work to which they can apply the gift certificate. You set the restrictions and conditions on what they can use it for so hopefully you don’t get screwed. It’s good for attracting new customers and showing what you can do.

I also scored 3 more mowing accounts today!! One weekly and two bi weekly. The weekly was from just plain old door to door sales, the customer is a local bank manager. And the two bi weeklies were from door hangers I put out. As I was walking down the street, this person was calling his dog so it wouldn’t bite me and I stopped to talk to him. Sold him on his yard mowing plus mowing another small rental that he owns. I got another two more estimates to do this week so it is lining up to be a good week so far.

I plan on taking care of the bank manager customer, as I do with all my others, but this one is really plugged into the community. He might have some bank repo work for me down the line and of course, possibly mowing the lawn at the bank as well.”

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