How early should you start mowing lawns?

As the old saying goes, early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. But when it comes to running loud gas powered lawn care equipment in residential areas, how early is too early? That is what one member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum was curious to know when he asked that question.

He wrote “is 6:30 am too early to be pulling up to a job and cut grass? Almost all of my jobs are duplexes, rental houses, or commercial properties. Even at those early morning hours, dew covered grass is not being taken into consideration here because lately we have been having days with heat indexes of 105 or higher. Because of that, I’d rather deal with wet grass than work myself sick. But I’d like to hear how others handle this.”

A second lawn care business owner shared “I would contact your local authorities before arriving this early… My county has a contractors noise ordinance in effect up too 8:00 am. If you a caught doing work before this time, you WILL be fined!”

A third said “here you can’t start before 9:00am, Monday thru Saturday and 1:30 pm on Sunday or you will be issued a $50.00 fine. I got caught on a weekday once and had to pay the fine! But I did learn one thing from the process, code enforcement doesn’t work on weekends here, so on those days, I start at sunup.”

A fourth added “I try to start at 6 am. I get all the tools checked out and get to yards by 6:30 am. I can understand dealing with heat because I live in the desert about 1 hr from Las Vegas and if you don’t start early it gets too hot out to work. By 8 am it can easily hit 105 degrees. Today’s high was 116 and now it’s 10 p.m here at it’s 102 outside right now.

In my town they’re putting in a city wide sewer system and the road construction crews start at 6 am. You can here them out there with the jack hammers and backhoes and dump trucks. About 2 weeks ago the crews were pounding steel beams into the ground (I am not sure for what reason) and they were doing that at 5 am. It was up the street from my house and was shaking my house like we were having a earthquake.

Most lawn care guys in my area start around 5-6 am. I was talking to a competitor the other day and he told me he had started one job at 3 am, but they were putting in rock wall and were not using power tools.”

A fifth said “while we are allowed to start at 7 am during the week and 9 am on the weekends. We arrive at job sites for an 8 am start Mon to Friday and 10 am on weekends. As others have noted, it’s always best to check with local bylaw’s as each area is different in the way they handle these things.”

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