How can I get 30 lawn care customers?

Picking up a few tips and tricks from one landscape company here and there can have a great impact on the growth of your company over time. Sometimes little adjustments in the way you operate can be the missing ingredient to finding bigger success. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum we hear a few insights on how to gain more mowing customers. As you read through them, consider how they apply to you and if you could harness them to grow.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have all the mowing equipment to perform great quality lawn care but being that I’m just starting, I don’t have the one thing I need, customers. I have been running my own business in another field for several years but it’s not a necessity for people so I have started dwindling in that field.

I have 4 yards at the moment that I take care of but would like to get around 30 or so and have passed out door hangers and business cards but I haven’t had a single call from any. What can I do to get more lawn mowing clients?

Maybe I haven’t handed out enough flyers? If I try and count in my head how many I have sent out so far, it’s been no where near the 1,000 mark but I think the reason why is I am not sure if it will really work? I have maybe handed out 300 cards or door hangers in the last week. I just don’t know if this will really work well enough to take the time to do it on a larger scale. I have had a few people get upset that I’m walking up to their door and opening it to place a hanger in the storm door so that kind of bummed me out.

What is the best way to make a potential client feel you are the right company to mow their lawn? I have advertised a free first mow with a 4 week agreement. Maybe I should be offering referral discounts? No matter what I do I feel like I still am not getting my name out there like I want. What am I doing wrong?

Mowing is a labor intense job but the marketing yourself aspect, is a whole lot more labor intense.”

A second lawn care business owner responded “Does handing out flyers work? It all depends on a lot more things than simply the act of distribution.

Is your flyer professionally done, or was it written in crayon? Are you targeting areas that have a greater potential for call backs than other areas? Are you driving a creepy looking ‘child abductormobile’, or is your vehicle clean and respectable? How do you dress when delivering flyers? Are there any offers to prompt a call back? Are you a natural salesman when you get to talk to a homeowner? The list goes on…

Many people do not like solicitation. In many, MANY areas it is not legal to distribute flyers without first obtaining a solicitation permit. And no, you can’t use the mail box.

I did the flyer thing once or twice and only handed out about 300-500 of them - which is NOTHING. I did get a few jobs out of it. The funny thing is, today I got a call from someone I gave a snow removal flyer to in the winter - not this winter, the PREVIOUS winter. I just picked him up as a mowing client today! I’ve had good luck with Craigslist too.”

A third lawn mowing company owner said “when it comes to where to put flyers and business cards, I have found the best places are tanning salons, hair salons, anywhere where women frequent the most!!!

I have a referral program and it works wonders. 1 referral will get you $5 off next service 6 referrals gets you a free mowing (in a season ). Then pick a few customers that you offer say 3 referrals in the month of June and you get a free service. This is how you harness your current customer base and get your customers to work for you!”

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