How a military background can help your lawn care business.

Every one of us has a back story that explains how we got here. Some new business owners have recently been laid off from their job while others might have recently gotten out of the military. What ever your back story is, you can spin it and use it to your advantage in your operations and in your marketing. Let’s take a look at how a retired member of the military used his background to help improve his chances of success.

He wrote to us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and said “I live in Florida and I started my lawn care business last March. Before that, I had retired from the military. Looking ahead I knew I wanted to do something after retiring and since I love to cut grass I decided to start my lawn care business to keep me from getting lazy.

This summer was not bad for my business. I got off to a slow start but I am now excited about the future. I don’t want to get rich, but I do want to stay busy and happy.

Since starting, I have learned many business lessons. One of those lessons is that I found by putting retired military on my business cards/door hangers, it has helped me gain many new customers.  This could be due to the fact I live in a big military town. I have several clients who are still on active duty or have retired. Those on active duty are deployed from time to time and like to have their lawns taken care of while they are gone.

Another thing I do to play up the military side of my marketing is I give active duty military members a discount, due to the service they perform for our country. I too was in their shoes for 26 years and know what its like being deployed and having a home. This discount has helped me attain new customers as well.

Other than that, my back ground in the service has taught me to plan and organize my time better. I was taught ‘time management’ and how to set small goals at 1st. I still have a long way to go. I started out small this past summer and want to expand each upcoming season. I still like a challenge, and so far starting this has been one. I can see me doing this for some time to come. I never had another business before, this is my first. I am really enjoying it and suggest to others just starting out to play up their strengths.

Share your story with others and look to connect with people. The more you can connect with a potential customer, even before you meet them in person, the better. People love to know a little about the person out there mowing their lawns. In fact, if you take the time to ask, they will probably enjoy telling you about themselves. You want your customers to stick with you over a long period of time, so get to know them!”

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