How a few calls landed some big jobs.

A great way to get jobs is to keep your eyes open when you are out driving around town. If you see a site that seems like it could use your services, don’t wait for the land owner to come to you, go to them. That is exactly what this lawn care business owner did and as soon as he decided to be proactive, he found a lot more work. He shared his story with us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

He wrote “I have a huge cemetery right next to my house. It is also right next to a school. Well in the winter months, I noticed that the sidewalks were not taken care of at all and the kids were walking in the street to avoid the sidewalk. The sidewalk is long too, about 1 mile if you add it up the total length.

Since I offer snow removal services in the winter, I thought this would be a great bid to land so I politely called them to ask if my company could take care of the sidewalk for them. They initially told me they were not responsible for the sidewalks and therefore did not need for me to remove the snow. I thought they were mistaken and decided investigate this further. I then called the city to see who is responsible for these sidewalks and they told me the cemetery was!

After that I called the cemetary back and very nicely explained what the township told me and if they need any help with anything, grass, plowing, etc…to call me. Once they were told that they were indeed responsible for keeping the sidewalks clear and that they were a hazard for the school kids they hired me to keep the sidewalks clear of snow! It is a huge job @ $1.00 per minute per man, plus $.25 per pound of salt used! All of this from making three phone calls! I also might be getting more work from them in the summer as well.

You really have to be proactive. I absolutely benefit from living close by. People tend to feel more comfortable hiring locally and there is hardly any traveling expense to perform this job.”

That is an awesome story! I think that would make for some great marketing material. Telling the potential customer they could be fined for not cleaning their sidewalks of snow and then offering to do it for them!

“But wait my success doesn’t end there. After finding this information out, I did a little more digging. By talking to people at the town hall I figured out the township has this list of contractors. When the city inspectors notice something wrong while doing a general inspection of a house or building, the home owners has to use a contractor from this list to make repairs! I learned it is an easy process and I think it will generate tons of business for me.

Here is how I did it:

I called the city and asked them how to get on that list of contractors. All you need is your proof of insurance, and your company’s employee identification number.

In my town there was no “landscaping” category, but there were other services like plumbing, electrical, structural, masonary, etc. In the past, I have done a some masonry jobs and it’s the one most closely related to landscaping so I decided to get a masonary license. It cost me $175.00 and there wasn’t any test!

Some of the additional benefits to being on this list are, if there is anyone who has not kept their sidewalks cleared of snow, the property owner gets a fine from the city and this list of contractors. They also can be fined if the grass is over 6 inches as well. So since my company is the only one on the list that has a business name which includes landscaping in it I’ll most likely be getting a lot more calls.

I suggest you contact your town hall and get on the list in your area.”

How a few calls landed some big jobs. GopherHaul 59 Lawn Care Business Marketing Podcast

How a few calls landed some big jobs. GopherHaul 59 Lawn Care Business Marketing Show

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