How a brush clearing job was bid.

There are many different niche services you can get into as the owner of a lawn care business. Some will make you more money than others. In order to be successful, you need to keep your eyes and ears open for jobs your customers need done. As we will see here in the discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, if one customer needs a service, there is a good chance others in the area need it as well. The service we are speaking of here is brush clearing.

One lawn care business owner wrote “here is a project I started with a helper yesterday. After 9 hours we have the hard part done. This customer wanted an area of his property cleared to make way for a garden. So far this is what we had to do.

1 - The start, we used brush saws to clear the 50ft X 80ft area. It took one guy 4 hours.

2- Chip all the brush, as we will use it for a walk way.

3- Remove the roots and grub everything.

4 - Save the rocks for a rock wall around the garden.

5- Bring in the 2520 tractor with a loader attachment. Spread 32 yards of lawn soil and 48 yards of garden soil over the area.

Once all the brush is cut, there are a lot of roots left in the area. To remove the roots, we used an excavator with a bucket and charged $110 an hour for a total of 14 hours worth of work. This is a $4,900 job with around $3,000 in profit. In total it took us two days of work plus one for clean up.

I have found that offering smaller excavation services is a great niche in my area. See the thing is, if a home owner tried to do this job by hand, it would have taken them forever. It is an amazing job too because if a home owner tried to do that by hand, they would be there forever. As you can see, there is real value in this service because when you are done, the land goes from useless to useful.

Another great part about doing this job was that it opened our eyes to offering the service to others in the area. Three other local residents with large lots had watched us work and afterwards, walked up to us and now want us to do something similar on their property. This is great because the equipment is already on site and it won’t cost me anything more to transport it back and forth to get the job done.

With all the services I offer I am now completed booked into July! I have three excavators and 7 tractors running 7 to 10 hours a day, and I still can’t keep up! Excavation is now a big part of our work and I have found that is where the real money is. But ultimately anything a home owner needs with respect to property care I can do and I let them know that.

My next lawn care marketing campaign will key in on all these additional services like landscaping, brush clearing, brush chipping, and garden construction. So the key element to remember here is don’t just feel you need to stick with lawn mowing. Be on the look out for other services and experiment with those services to see if you can make money with them.”








brush clearing job

brush clearing job

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