Hedge trimming job bid example.

I like to point out lawn care business bids when I get the opportunity because I think they are great learning tools. In this example a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum asked how much he should charge for a job trimming some hedges. Here is what he posted to give you some more specifics. He asked “So this is my first time giving an estimate for a shrub/bush trimming job. The customer wants these bushes (there are a total of about 5 of them) trimmed down to 6-7 feet. How much would you charge?

Hedge trimming job bid example

Hedge trimming job bid example

We are not hauling away the limbs and such, he wants them to go in his burn pile out back.”

One lawn care business owner suggested “Well I would say they will take about 30 minutes each by yourself with a power trimmer so there is 2.5 man hours, plus fuel to get there, equipment usage. Depending on your hourly rate that you charge…. I’m guessing $200-$250.00″

Hedge trimming estimate

Hedge trimming estimate

Another said “Are you gonna use hedge trimmers and shape them or hand prune them?¬† What I would charge (in Canadian Dollars)

Hedge Trimmers to shape - $90.00. If you need to rent the trimmers up the price a few dollars more and try to get more clients to share the cost.

Hand Pruning - $180.00. Double the price and it requires more time and talent.

If I was disposing the debris I charge $25.00.”

Hedge trimming estimate

Hedge trimming estimate

A third business owner said “Using commercial hedge trimmers without hauling away debris I would charge about $125.00 for all 5.”

The original lawn care business owner who posted this question shared with us what price he went with in the end. He said “Thanks a lot everyone, I decided to go with $145.00.

I am getting better at estimating the lawns for mowing, but I have screwed myself quite a few times since starting this business a little over a month ago.

So far we are up to 12 clients, and one rental company for weekly lawn care services. All with three push mowers (one self propelled), one weed eater blower, one weed eater trimmer, and some misc. tools and accessories, and a big blue pickup. Oh, and we are getting a Cub Cadet extended deck lawn tractor to use as a loan from my grandfather who no longer needs it. We are also have a trailer that is on loan from my dad.

I am projecting within the next few weeks or 1.5 months, we should have enough saved up for a walk behind sulke type mower, or a ZTR.

We will see, it all depends on that right price.

Not too bad (I think) for a little P/T business venture for a 23 year old and his fiance’s brother.”

One last word of advice on this project was “I think that the prices are right in line with what to charge, but a word of advice. You need to figure out what you want to make an hour on these kinds of jobs, may it be for yourself and/or with a worker or two. When you come upon a job like trimming hedges, bushes, planting flowers, re-doing beds, pressure washing, trimming or cutting down trees, weeding etc., you will then be set in your mind with the price you need to make a hour to complete these jobs.”

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