Having lawn care customers pay with post dated checks?

Do you have troubles getting paid from your lawn care customers after you mow their yard? This is a big problem that can easily sink a lawn care business. But what should you do about it? What’s the best way to handle this situation? Have you considered post dated checks? One lawn care business owner did and it seems to work for him. This discussion got started on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum when a member asked “how do you guys deal with payments? I seem to have some lawn care customers that never leave it when they are scheduled to get yard done.

Lawn care customer payment

Lawn care customer payment

This poses some problems for me.

1. I have to follow up w/ phone calls which = time.

2. I usually have to come back out to get my money at a later date.

I usually always call ahead of time and leave a message if no answer. A couple people didn’t get messages until after I have cut lawn and I can understand that, it happens.

What do y’all do? Call at beginning of week? Have them mail checks? What if they don’t write checks and pay in cash?

What’s the best way to streamline this for my business? I need the money to continue to run my business. I can’t wait a week or 2 to be paid, I need the gas money.

I bill at the beginning of each month for that months service. I give 14 days for them to pay the bill. All but one or two of my clients all pay by check and most of them mail them, but the odd one catches me when I stop.”

Another lawn care business owner shared his bill payment secret and said “one thing that has been very helpful for me and my customers has been that about 15% of them have given me post dated checks for about 6 months in advance. This has worked really well for me as I don’t have to chase them down or worry about getting paid. I have mentioned this to any client who has commented about it being a pain to mail or catch me when I am there.

To give you an idea of my lawn care customer base demographic, 95% of my clients are seniors and they usually don’t have trouble catching me when I stop. Of course I usually see them every time I am at their yard and have a short visit, some even spoil me with cookies to bring home. Got to love those ones!

I have not given a discount for those who give me post dated checks. I can not take credit for this payment option as it was one of my clients that asked if she could give me post dates rather than getting bills every month. I thought great! I like this idea. I find that sometimes the best ideas come from others, which is why I really enjoy this forum. I feel why re-invent the wheel, when it is already out there.”

Great idea to consider! Maybe this is something you will be able to implement into your lawn care business and help improve your cash flow.

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