Having a hard time finding fall leaf cleanup customers.

How is your fall marketing going so far? Are you keeping busy? Here is a great discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum about one member’s desire to reach out and gain more customers. In it he shares with us what kind of leaf cleanup marketing he has been doing and the results he has found from them. Seeing what others are doing and the results they are getting can help you alter or expand your own marketing plan.

He wrote “I am trying to drum up more fall leaf clean up jobs but I am really having a tough time finding customers. Here is what I have been up too. Maybe someone can offer me advice as to what I could be doing better.

Today I drove around surveying any properties clearly in need of leaf cleanup. I knocked on their doors and all of them weren’t home because it was during the day, so I dropped a folded flyer in their mailbox and moved on to the next one that looked like it needed it. I believe I dropped off about 10 flyers in total. Out of the 10, I received 1 call back for a leaf cleanup.

It just so happened that he and his neighbor both needed a cleanup in their back yards. While I was on that block working, I was stopped and asked for a quote for another two neighboring properties. That brought my total to 4 leaf cleanups for the day.

I posted a link on my facebook site of my flyer and received 1 inquiry for service. He signed with me to finish up lawn care for this season. I think I’ll have to mow his property at least two more times this year and then have him for all of next year.

On craigslist my ads received 2 emails for leaf cleanups. One of the properties I visited to create an estimate got back to me 5 days later to go ahead. The 2nd person emailed me and also emailed another company. The other company beat me to the property because I didn’t get their fast enough. When I went to the 2nd property to estimate the job, the other company had already showed up and was in the process of cleaning up the leaves as I was on the phone with the owner. She said she may call me back the end of November to cleanup the rest of the leaves but I can’t count on that.

I stopped handing out only the 10 flyers because I had somewhere to be with my family and haven’t resumed due to it being rainy here and/or snow. I intend today to load up the truck with my equipment. Print out several flyers and go door to door passing out flyers as well as targeting leaf cleanups still in need.

Since I am not mowing too many lawns now, it’s the best time to get out there and advertise for me. The weather for the next 7 days is supposed to be rain free which means I will have more chances to make some more money and sign up lawn care contracts for next year.”

A second lawn care business owner said “you’re on the right track and doing what you need to do to get things going . The key is, Don’t Give Up. It takes a lot of No’s before you get a Yes. I was in sales for 25 years before I started the lawn care side of my business. The way I see it, most guys give up after working a couple of weeks to try to drum up business and things are running really slow. There is a process to building your business and it takes a while to get there. Just keep hitting the doors, passing out the flyers, add other services such as Christmas Light Hanging and once Christmas is over, you can even do uninstalls for Christmas decorations and Christmas cleanup. Keep pushing your business!

Getting 4 leaf cleanups out of 10 flyers is outstanding. Imagine what would happen if you had handed out 100 or maybe even 1,000 flyers! Also make sure your truck and trailer are letter to promote your company. You want every neighbor walking by or looking out their window to know you are in business and how to reach you.”

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