Have you considered offering stump grinding services this fall to your lawn care customers?

This fall when you are looking for more services to offer, why not consider offering your lawn care customers, stump grinding services. Our friend Bob from plan-itgraphics.com put together this great flyer concept to help you sell your stump grinding services. Why not get some of these flyers printed up and then hand them out in your area. Try and schedule as many stump grinding services as closely together and then rent a stump grinder for a couple of days.

You could also consider placing an ad in a local paper and mentioning 10% off stump grinding services if you contact us by xx/xx/xx. Or you could use a catchy headline like GET RID OF THAT EYESORE STUMP.
Service your lawn care customer’s stumps and make some great money to get your through the winter!

If you are unsure about how to price your stump grinding services consider this and visit the post on this discussion at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

Large stump grinding services range around $150-$300. Small stumps are about $75.

If you are interested in how to estimate the removal of a tree here are some price guidelines.

Small trees up to about 30-feet high - $125-$450

Medium-sized trees from 30-60 feet tall - $175-$900

Large trees 60-80 feet high - $400-$1,000

Largest Trees 80-100 feet high - $950-$1,400+

stump grinder flyer