Has your attitude changed while being a lawn care business owner?

There are many issues you will run into as a lawn care business owner. Some will be financial, some mechanical, and some will deal with people. When you are feeling good and processing the problems step by step, you can easily keep things in check. But when you can’t do that for what ever reason, you can quickly get overwhelmed as we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. If you are to survive the onslaught of such issues, at a certain point you need to stop and rethink your procedures. Then come up with a new plan.

One lawn care business owner wrote “for some reason I am exhausted more than usual and no matter how much I rest, it’s just getting more brutal. Customers are becoming more rude as they hire me and I’m becoming a lot less forgiving.

Today I dropped 7 customers who didn’t honor their payment due date. Afterwards, I sat and thought about why my attitude has changed and I came up with several reasons.

1. I have so many pleasant lawn care customers. They are the ones who cause me zero stress. When dealing with them, my days are fantastic. That is until the odd bunch of customers start to cause unnecessary problems for me. These are the customers who would rather fight with me, argue, and complain before giving me my payment. Even though we had agreed on what services will be performed and the cost, they always seem to want to fight me. Of course they don’t say anything until I get the job done, which is a bad time to tell me they won’t be paying me.

So honestly, I don’t want customers like this - ever. I’m not a piece of crap, and to let them get away with missed payments, I might as well sell my business.

I’ve been burned and ripped off a lot this season. I guess I am learning the hard way how to deal with them. I feel that hiring my company is now a privilege. I choose who stays and who goes. I follow the rules, I expect my customers to follow them too. Ignore notices and miss a payment, then argue with me about not showing up? Sorry pal, I don’t like your kind. You’re a deadbeat and I don’t need you to succeed. So don’t act like I do. You’re not paying me to take your b.s.

2. I started this business to survive independently and with pride. I feel as if this company is what I am and it’s fueled with my blood and beating heart. I want organization, strict yet simple guidelines for everyone to follow and honor. There are more than enough obstacles in my path and to those non-paying customers would just set me back - over and over again. I want full control of my life, and I can’t have it depending on deadbeat customers to pay me.

From this point on, you’re either in or you’re out. If you can’t keep up with the pack I’ll leave you behind. I will not sacrifice my time, quality, energy, or sanity carrying deadbeat customers. I have people to please, and non-paying customers will just hold me back until they’re all gone.

I strive for perfection within my business and life.

3. I’m sick of this. It’s as if being a business owner automatically makes people dislike you, when all your asking for is fair play. It seems like no one believes in fair play anymore.

Dealing with hired help also drives me up the wall. Why can’t anyone be reliable? When can someone take the weight off my back and actually do something to justify why they were hired in the first place? You want money? Here, make as much as you want - it’s there for you if you want it. Hired help wants free money. Putting in anymore than minimal effort to earn it is a joke to them.

So many people have given up, and I am starting to understand why. They all hate doing labor and would rather be sitting on their *** all summer long. Though it’s demoralizing for me to see, nothing seems stable. Those who stay are only interested in the money, forgetting about the quality I expect. No one is willing to take control of their position.

It just makes me wonder why I continue. There is a limit to how much one person can do, that’s what I have learned this season. Though now that I’m at my limit, is it really worth pushing through it? I’m so burnt out. I’m angry. I’m sad and honestly, I’m at the point where I could just discontinue service for all of my customers, not even by choice. When paying for honest work is outrageous in my customers eyes, I’m out of words to speak - I can’t teach the unwilling.

I have 2 piles of client cards, these cards hold information on who has paid and who hasn’t.

After the due date, all I see is that 33% of my customers have decided to piss me off. And when it repeats and repeats, I wonder why I just don’t drop them all? Well I did.

I dropped 33% of my customers within the past month and 1/2, and that was a shock. Now I have to keep my current customers in check and if they slip, I can’t cut them any more slack. From here on out, everyone follows the rules and now it’s set in stone.

I wish I had the time or willingness to relax. I gotta suffer in the present for peace in the future I guess. I feel like a scientist about to have a major breakthrough, can’t rest just yet!”

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