Harnessing your free time for lawn care marketing.

There are many ways to promote your lawn care business. You can go door to door. You can buy ads in the phone book, newspaper, or on search engines. But if you have more time than money, you might want to consider what this entrepreneur suggested in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. He uses his time to promote his services through free community projects.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I am thinking this months is going to be slow for me and since I am relatively new to the business, I came up with the idea of offering free landscape services to properties where I want to get more customers. I have come up with several landscape designs I made up that clients can choose from. Tomorrow I am going to speak to one of my current mowing customers and see if she would allow me to put a lawn sign in her yard if I re-landscape her front lawn. Right now her front yard has several flower beds that are in terrible shape. Over the years she has done several landscape projects on her backyard but hasn’t touched the front yard because she ran out of money.

I made a lot of good money from her this year so I am thinking if I spend about $400-$500, it won’t hurt my pocket and since she lives on a main street, I am hoping people will see the job and call my number on the yard sign.

I talked to another client and he loved the idea of getting some free landscaping in return for allowing me to put up a yard sign. It will be an interesting experiment to see how long the sign stays up on her front lawn before the city takes it down.

Lawn Care Marketing with a Community Cleanup.

Lawn Care Marketing with a Community Cleanup.

I would love to do some work for my local community so I went to town hall and started asking questions. Sadly the response I got was that it seems they would rather pay me than allow me to work for them for free because they fear me or my workers might get hurt and we might sue them. I think that is just a ridiculous excuse. So I might look into offering some of my services to other cities in my area they may appreciate my work a bit more.

Another thing I tried was to offer a few local churches my mowing services for free. All I asked was that I could create a bill so I could use their invoice for a tax write off and they didn’t want it either! Who would have thought giving away mowing services would be this hard! This time of year I would do free work for people that needed it in a heart beat but it’s hard to find a situation where we can both benefit from it.

There is an area I drive by all the time, it is on the entrance of the freeway. The palm trees look horrible and the whole landscape seems to have never been kept up and now that our city is having financial problems, no one has touched it. I am thinking that might be another area I could renovate and send some before and after pictures to the local newspaper.

Maybe I could even form a community volunteer group to help clean areas up? I’ve looked and wondered how that might work but have yet to taken the initiative to make it work. Maybe I could organize work parties to clean up local old cemeteries. They seem to be all over the place, overgrown, and falling apart. I bet I could get the local news to come out to take before and after shots of that kind of community project.

If I was busier, I wouldn’t have the time to do any of this so maybe it’s just a step I need to take to get busier. In the end, I will have to pay for my marketing either by buying door hangers and flyers, or by buying materials to beautify my area. Which one will bring me more customers and goodwill? That remains to be seen but I do like the feeling I get by helping out in my community.”

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