Gutter cleaning bid example with marketing idea.

Would you be interested in making over $200 for about three hours of work by offering a much needed upsell? You might want to consider offering your clients gutter cleaning. This service is not only a great upsell to current clients but it’s a great way to reach out to other potential customers you can then sell lawn care services to. Here is a discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that shows you how one entrepreneur was able to attract work and how he estimates the jobs once he gets them.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I got a call the other day for a gutter cleaning job with the gutters 2 & 1/2 stories up and one on the porch. It wasn’t a bad job but it took forever. These gutters hadn’t been cleaned in years. It was the worst I have seen in a long time. I made a lot of money on it so I am happy with that.

Gutter cleaning estimate

Gutter cleaning estimate

To do this job I found it helpful not only having a ladder but using a ladder brace as well. I don’t use them often because of their size but, they keep everything from tilting also keeps it from not scratching anything. I have never crushed a gutter as of date just using a ladder. To do this job I started from the downspout and moved left. That way you minimize the moving of the ladder.

To create a gutter cleaning bid price, I don’t just go by the foot, I also take into consideration how long it has been since the last time the gutters have been cleaned out. After looking at this job, I estimated in my head it would take me about 4 hours. In the end, I beat that approximation by 45 minutes. I made $220.00 on it. Is that high? Yes. But the gutters were packed in both sides.

Gutter cleaning bid

Gutter cleaning bid

This customer told me they found my ad in the local newspaper. My ad is simple.

Need Gutter Cleaning?
All work is done local
Senior Citizen Discount
See website for coupon
For equipment I use the following.

I have (3) 50 foot hoses because there always on sale for $10 bucks. I use them on such jobs because the customer never seems to have a long enough hose to wash everything out. Hoses are $10.00 for 50ft x3= $30.00 plus a good nozzle which is $12.00. A 28 foot ladder that cost me $250.00. A 20 foot ladder is about $50.00 on craigslist. When buying used a used ladder, make sure the rungs are not damaged, if they are don’t buy it.

So for about $300.00 you are in business. It might take you 2 cleaning jobs to pay for it. Trust me though, the money is there.

I transport the ladder in the back of my pickup with 2 straps from the front on both sides of the bed. Red rag or tape at the end of the ladder. I have an old mason brick, the grey kind, to place in front of the bed to keep it from sliding down. This set up works good. A good ladder rack is about $500 - $700 dollars. If you can afford it that’s the way to go. You could make one and it might cost you half, but you have to know how to weld good. I just throw it the back and be done.”

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