Got the biggest landscape job yet all because I showed up.

You might think in order to win larger mowing accounts than you are used to, it would take some kind of skill only larger companies possess. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, sometimes that secret skill is simply being prepared and showing up!

One lawn care business owner wrote “I got a call yesterday for an estimate. The customer told me I was the 4th landscaper he called. One landscaper said the job was too big for him. One didn’t even show up and the other two didn’t have insurance. The customer wanted to meet me after 6:00 pm on Saturday. I arrived at the estimate site right around 5:00pm and had all my measurements completed before he got home.

After the customer initially called, he followed up with an email stating, in detail, exactly what he wanted done, so I was ready for the quote.

This is my biggest job yet. But I didn’t tell the customer that. The job consists of a new lawn installation that comes to about 23,800 sq ft, an annual mowing contract once the lawn has grown, plus a few added upsells I was able to include.

First off I will be applying RoundUp to kill off what is currently there (mostly weeds). Next I will rototill the entire lot, level it, and reseed. Then treat the soil with, lime (pH of soil 5.5) and 4 applications of organic liquid fertilizer throughout the year. I also have 800 sq ft of flower gardens to mulch and tend. As the lawn grows, I will perform weekly lawn mowing. Two weed control applications per year will be applied. Edge around a 2,460 sq ft concrete driveway, 112 feet of sidewalk, and 80′ linear feet of a burning bush hedge.

This job is just too big to be using a walk behind rototiller so I will need to rent a commercial tractor with a 48″ tiller.

The way I estimated the job was by breaking the large job into smaller sections.

  • Replacing lawn - $2,300.00, customer is renting the tractor @ ($400.00 per day)
  • Mowing / trimming / edging - $550.00 per month
  • Fertilizing lawn - $140.00 per month
  • Fertilizing flowerbeds - $20.00 per month
  • All natural insect control application - $340.00

If all goes well, he wants me to bid on his parent’s home as well!

I think the big learning lesson for me about this job is that you need to project confidence. You need to look the part and you need to talk the part. So what if the job is bigger than what you are used to. Just take what you know about the jobs you currently work on and scale it up. Look for ways to include upsells as you walk around the property to create your estimate. Show up early. Make sure you are insured. Last but not least, return phone calls that are missed and show up!

If I didn’t have all that going for me, I would have lost this job.”

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How to get your biggest landscape job just by showing up - GopherHaul 76 Lawn Care Business Podcast

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