Going big come hell or high water with my lawn care marketing.

You’d be amazed how much business you could drum up if you put your mind to it. Most lawn care business owners tend to spend more time working on jobs than marketing. What if you stepped up your marketing effort a little more? If you did, where would you put that additional energy? Would you hand out a few more business cards? Maybe distribute a few more lawn care flyers?

A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us his aggressive lawn care marketing plan. You may want to compare your plan with his and see where you could improve. He wrote “this year I decided to go big, come hell or high water. I started aggressively marketing residential and commercial. Because of the new contacts I made, I just recently had the opportunity to bid on 5 large apartments. These jobs will be very good money and could launch me into the six figure income range. I will hopefully be signing the contracts next week.

I am keeping all of my residential customers as I grow my commercial side. I will definitely have to hire some more help this year. I will also have to buy more equipment. I have found the key to success in the lawn care business is similar to any other industry. You have to aggressively market your business and strive to do the best job possible.

As far as marketing I do it all. I use lawn signs in locations that I want to drum up more work. I run newspaper ads in the local paper. I visit all real estate companies. I also drive around town and look for more customers. I stop at apartments, doctors offices, truck stops etc… I will stop and ask for business wherever I can. I hand out cards to everyone I meet and give cards to all my friends and family to hand out.

I have found it to be very important to market to my existing customer base. This type of marketing is different because they know you and trust you. Marketing to your existing customers other services. For example I offer weeding of the flower beds, trimming low hanging trees, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning. I even cleaned a backyard pond and painted shutters. These are all services that I look for when I am on a job.

I always go the extra mile to help my customers and make their yards the best in the neighborhood. This helps me to go to them and ask them to help me find more work. They recommend me every chance they can. I ask them to refer me to there friends and family, even if they do not have a lawn service at this time. I find that if they can get me in contact to offer a free quote I can work my magic and find more work. Once the door is open I have the opportunity to sell. Most people would love to have someone cut their grass but think it is to expensive. I show them that it is not to expensive and that their yard can look a lot better. For every new contract that I sign from them, I give them a $25.00 Visa card. I also advertise that I take Visa and Mastercard. This is a very good selling point for a lot of customers.

Much of my new buisness comes from the phone book and newspaper adds. This is also the most costly form of advertizing that I do. Again one or two annual contracts pays this for the entire year.

In addition I became a member of the Service Magic group. They do the advertising and when a job comes up in my area they send me the contact. I in turn pay them between $5 and $18 dollars for the contact. This has worked out extremely well. I have not changed my cost at all when using this service. I bid against other locally approved companies. I don’t get every one, but with the cost of the leads being so low, I can quickly make up those costs. One annual contract more than pays for the full years worth of leads that I get from them.

I am not shy about my business. I tell everyone about it and I ask for the work.

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