Getting your foot in the door.

Coming up with a game plan and marketing strategy for your lawn care business can be tough. A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us his frustrations when trying to figure out a way to get his foot in the door with potential customers that live near him yet are serviced by another lawn care business.

He wrote “I have been staying up for days thinking about my spring lawn care marketing plan. I’m having some serious anxieties here. I have lawns all over the city, but I have built up one nice street all to myself.

The problem is, I want the clients other companies have that are literally RIGHT beside me. There are about 12 lawns I want to grab, all of them small to average in size. I have asked around and found out these potential customers are paying $32.00 more than my service per month. I need a strategy to get them to sign up with me. I really want these clients! I know I can make a lot more even from offering them many upsells.

What I have come up with so far is to give them my business card in March/April with my estimate already written on the back. Then I will personally visit them the week after. Maybe I can attach a note to the card mentioning the perks my service offers?

Perks, hmmm.

I can mention, I’m a neighbor to all of them and they will recieve top priority. These customers will be my baby.
If they pay $75.oo+ for mowing, they will recieve free garden weeding once per month.

Maybe I’ll even throw in a free mowing…

HMMMM. I need these customers.

If I get them I will have 20 customers no more than half a mile away from home! Can anyone help me out with this?”

Another lawn care business owner said “I think what you have so far is a good plan. You should proceed with it and see what happens.

When it comes to lawn mowing, trimming, weeding what I have found the phrase “better the devil you know than the one you don’t” can be the attitude of a prospective customer. If they have been with their lawn company for X years and are satisfied with the service, it can be almost impossible to get them to switch.

The one way I found that can get your foot in the door is to offer a service that will benefit the client that the current lawn care provider does not. In my case it is organic spraying with a now proven track record. It took me time to build the references I needed to help sell it, but now that I have them, this year should be even more amazing.

To cut time spraying, I doubt we will use the backpack sprayers very often if at all. I added tow and 3 pt hitch sprayers to every piece of equipment we own. I can now get into some really, really tight spots without ever getting off a tractor and if needed, I have a 26 foot wand that can be used as well. It should be a lot easier on the staff. Back pack spraying on larger lawns is brutal. Also, if you find you need to spray in the rain, which we generally have to do, you want in and out pretty quick.

Before you sink a lot of coin into this venture, test the waters first and advertise the service. You can get the product within a few days and a sprayer the same day. Keep your overhead low to ensure there is demand.

My advertisements are somewhat short and sweet and direct the customer or prospect to my website. I have found it would simply be too expensive to have all the information printed.

Points to highlight in your ad:

Certified Organic Lawn Care Products - All food grade being children and pet safe

We can cure - Brown Patch, any insect or bug, Clay or Compacted soils, if you want a golf course looking lawn you need to check us out, 0ver 170 references available.”

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