Gaining lawn care customers with a route sales company.

Here is an interesting look at how route sales companies work, the pros and cons to using them, and if they are worth while. At first glance you may think this concept is insane for many reasons. This company discussed seems to charge a lot per lawn care customer and sells the lawn service for cheap, but maybe, just maybe, they could help you gain new lawn care customers. Let’s check out this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and find out more if this would be a good choice for you to consider.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I just started my lawn care service the beginning of the year. I already have 22 lawn care customer. They are being raised via a route sales company that is undercutting the price of even the local cheap labor. I am striving to grow and get my business to a point where I am known as a gardener, not simply a lawn boy.

This route sales company sells a whole bunch of different services like landscaping, maid, and pool services for different companies. They charged me $4,500 for a monthly gross income of $1,500 and guarantee 3 months of service with all the new lawn care customers they supply me.

They advertise in the penny saver and such. Through their efforts, I am gaining a couple new clients a week but they are very much underselling my services. A new lawn care customer starting tomorrow in a very well to do neighborhood is getting their lawn mowed for $12 with every other week service. With most of the lawn care customers, I have been able to upsell them and my $1,500 in monthly gross income will now be more around the area of $2,500. Add on services this month so far have reached over $1,000, so it’s not too bad.

Gaining lawn care customers.

Gaining lawn care customers.

Another lawn care customer I recently got was sold on a $13 per week mowing service. That comes out to roughly $56 dollars a month and I am paying the route sales company $168 for her. I was able to add a few additional services and got her to pay $65 per month, on an every other week schedule which brings her up to $30 per stop. This price is closer to what I need to perform the quality work I want to do and she doesn’t have to spend a lot money. So, I made my money back in 2.58 months with her and she is a dedicated customer that will be with me for years.

Even though I am able to upsell to most of the new customers, some are just cheap and won’t budge. They may be the first ones I get rid of as I find more customers on my own.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to get an instant business up and running while I work on my own advertising and get my ducks in order. I am only 2/3rds through my contract with the route sales company. While I can’t say I am perfectly happy with them low-balling my prices, I do have to admit it got me started and I have quite a few really good clients out of it. All in all, I think it was a good move to get me up and running.

With these cheap clients I can get my bearings and techniques up and running before destroying a really nice lawn. I feel that I’ve gained enough knowledge and experience, through them, to tackle a better class of client now.

I’m developing flyers, post cards and maybe even a brochure. I will be going door to door and leaving the flyers or post cards in the neighborhoods I want to pick up more clients in. Hopefully filling up my route and cutting back on my drive time between stops a bit.

Another thing I am doing is working on a customer survey to send out to my current customers so I can improve my services and find out all the avenues that the route sales company used to contact them. The Penny Saver was found out because a few customers mentioned it. I do wonder if that is all they are doing.

In the long run, I would like to charge more than what the route company is currently selling my services. I am expanding my marketing to gain more customers on my own and be more in control of what I bid the jobs at. Why hand them another $4,500 when I could do it myself?

I guess when I think about it, anyone could probably get a whole lot of customers early on by placing ads in the local newspaper for cheap lawn care. It seems the trick then is finding ways to take cheap customers and turn them into profitable ones. Is using a route sales company right for you? It might be if you have a couple of bucks to get your business started and don’t have a clue on how to attract customers. But once you get going, you need to stand on your own two feet and attract customers yourself as this method is really not financially sustainable over the long haul.”

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