Front yard landscape mulch bid example.

Here is a great example of how much a front yard landscape project was estimated. If you are a newer lawn care business, this will help you figure out how much others are charging for such projects. Before you read what the landscaper’s final bill was, try and come up with a price in your head and see how your price compares with his.

Mulch bid example

Mulch bid example

In the discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum the landscaper wrote “I have a front lawn where the a home owner needs about 8 yards of mulch plus he needs 12 bushes torn out and his beds edged. I am bidding the mulch at at $100 per yard. However I am trying to figure out how much to charge to dig out the bushes and edge. I have the tools, chain saw and cutters to get the job done. I also have a few friends who are going to help me. I heard about $25 an hour is the going rate but I don’t know how many hours its going to take me?

Also I have a Ford Explorer with a trailer. The mulch will cost me $24.00 per yard, or I can have it delivered for $33.50 plus a delivery fee of $62.50. I know picking it up is cheaper but is getting it delivered any faster. Any ideas which way is better? ”

A lawn care business owner suggested “I bid all that kind of stuff hourly. I used to give them a range, since I was never 100% sure how long it would take, for example I would say that it would take 4-6 man hours at $35/man/hour, then end up somewhere in there. Now I have enough experience that I know how long stuff will take, so I quote a fixed price that works out to $35/man/hour for however many hours I think it will take. I think figuring out an hourly rate is the key for consistency. At first you might want to just figure out how much you want to make and work up from there.”

In respone the landscaper shared “Ok here is what I came up with. I bid the job for 10 yards of mulch. It needed to have 14 bushes removed, 2 of which were huge. They needed the beds edged and I sprayed weed killer down as well. My costs on the job were $800 dollars. I paid 3 workers $15 dollars and hour. I know I paid alot but the workers I got are really good. I charged $1600 for the job so I made $800.

Mulch job estimate

Mulch job estimate

This person’s front yard was so bad that the city was going to fine him if he didn’t clean it up in 30 days. I wish I had a before picture, but it was really bad. It took a total of 8 hours. With 3 people I figured on 30 hours instead it was 24 so I was a little over on my estimate there. The only thing I didn’t think of was the disposal of all the branches and old bushes. I had to make a few trips to the dump but other than that it actually went smoother than I thought. My workers were really pleased getting $15 dollars and hour. The home owner seems to be happy with the results. I think all in all it worked I just hope my pricing wasn’t too high.”

Ultimately, if the customer agreed to the price and you got paid, it wasn’t too high.

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