Fresh veggies as a lawn care customer retention idea.

There are many steps you can take to improve your customer retention. A common theme we see throughout all the ideas shared on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum is making the customer feel appreciated by you. One of the ways a few lawn care business owners have come up with is giving home grown vegetable gifts to their customers base. Let’s take a look at how they do this.

One lawn care business owner wrote “it’s that time of year where I put together a little fresh veggie pack for all my special clients. I do this several times during the summer from my garden.

My goal is to build strong friendships with clients. Believe me this works! I also give out other seasonal gifts throughout the year when I buy from a local produce auction where I get the produce at very reasonable prices.

Lawn Care Customer Retention Idea

Lawn Care Customer Retention Idea

Whatever grows regionally and is in season I go for. I give squash, beans, peppers, sweetcorn. I always carry veggies in my truck every day during later summer and fall. Just a couple ears of corn and a few peppers for those special customers is all it takes. If a customer has kids, I will even drop off a pumpkin or two in the fall!

These items really help with the retention of people 30 years plus. Build the relationship and you will get the best advertising, word of mouth along with redemption should you ever error.”

A second business owner added “my wife made zucchini bread for my bigger customers this year and it turned out amazing. This is just the stuff that most people love and is found in very few places.

My experience from such gifts has been nothing but smiles and very happy clients. A majority of all my clients are over 65 and they are the ones who appreciate gifts such as these the most. I have a small garden and this year my tomatoes have done very well indeed. You should see the smiles on my customer’s faces when I bring them fresh produce. I think it is the definition of customer retention.

If you don’t have a garden, find someone who is selling fresh produce and get some from them. Then just tell your customers that you grew yourself too much and wanted to share with them. It will make each individual customer feel special.

I save my grocery store plastic bags and give them a handful of tomatoes or onions or green bell peppers. Whatever I happen to have at the time and put them in there. I don’t go all out for fear of all my customers wanting it (with a special basket and such). Just a simple gesture of my appreciation and of me being the giving kind of guy I am.

I only give these to certain customers…mainly the older ones who I know will appreciate it. Half of my younger generation customers wouldn’t know what to do with a fresh tomato or pepper unless it came from a grocery store and was already prepared.”

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