Focusing on small properties brought this lawn care business good profits.

There is always time to improve your lawn care company and focus on a niche. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, one middle aged lawn care entrepreneur turned his life around with a focused vision and a desire to improve his presentation. I hope his story inspires you to improve as well.

He wrote “I have a small but growing lawn mowing company that has just started competing with several larger outfits in the area. The way I have been able to steadily grow over time was to develop a niche in the services I offer. What I offer is nothing more than detailed work and great personal referrals.

Experimenting with a lot of unconventional lawn care marketing ideas has also helped me reach out to new customers. The city I live in has what are called Thursday nights on main street with food vendors and live music. One night I set up and gave away 700 free cotton candy cones for the kids along with my business cards. Yet another night I brought 3 kegs of root beer and am planning on giving away slices of ice cold watermelon when in season just a few weeks from now. So far this has been a great hit amongst the community.

Focusing and positioning my company as offering push mowing only and bagging clipping has given me access to very exclusive yards in my area for a number of years now. These type of customers are willing to pay extra for detailed service and appreciate that I use a smaller mower versus a larger one that simply zips across their lawn with little regard for the outcome. I have a great name within the community. I figured there was more money to be made focusing on just a smaller group of high paying account and I was right.

I wasn’t always this focused though in my life and I am happy to share my story in the hopes that others can learn from my experiences. 2o years ago, I hit a train while riding  my Harley Davidson motorcycle and managed to survive, only to find myself needing money just to get by along with a painful disability that haunts me to this day.

I sported the middle finger attitude for years along with hair down to my *** but always  managed to volunteer and be supportive of those less fortunate. When I decided I wanted to make a change and be the best I could be, I cut my hair short and changed the way I presented myself to others. I continued to do good for others even when lacking myself. To this day I still do way more than my share of freebies including a small local park that I mow weekly that takes about an hour due to state budget cuts. I do feel this act will come back to serve me well in the future.

If you look around and find that there are commercial mowers at every corner. You should consider taking steps to be the best you can be. A nicely dressed appearance with clean equipment is very important. Taking an interest in your community will help you with name recognition as well. I’ve had some breaks along the way as well as met some good teachers who were willing to give me a chance. With this, I hope you too can find more focus in what you want to do as well with your life’s work.”

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