Fall tilling service ideas.

How often are you able to take a scrap that you would normally have to pay to dispose of and turn around and sell it to make a profit? I would bet it doesn’t happen too often. Well here is a great discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that details how you can combine leaf cleanups along with roto tilling services, to maximize your profits and minimize your dump fees!

One lawn care business owner wrote “one of the other things that I love doing in the fall is roto tilling. I got a call this week from some new clients who wanted me to roto till a new garden. The spot that they had picked has never been turned over before. So I took my compact utility tractor along with a tiller attachment to the property to perform the job. It wasn’t a big job, about 40ft by 50ft, but it was easy money and fun too.

Roto tilling services

Roto tilling services

The bill was $220 and they want to buy leaves I collected from other properties to put into the soil. So it is a win win for me. It is one of my most favorite jobs in the fall. Lately I have been doing about 3 to 4 a week, depending on how ever many leaf jobs I have lined up for that week. The work doesn’t take long either. About 40 min and about 30 min of that was running the tiller. The soil was hard, full of clay and hard to break down. The biggest factor in this job was the distance from town, about 25 miles. It is still a little early to be tilling but people are starting to call.

The crazy thing about it is that I don’t market this service at all. It’s all done by word of mouth. The leaves that I am selling them are from other seasonal clients and yes they are shredded after going through the vac. I don’t know why more lawn care businesses aren’t providing this service! You can make money on both ends of the deal. Maybe it is simply because they don’t have the equipment to do it. There is serious money in tilling when you have a set up like I do. If you have the work, you can clear $1,400 a day no problem at all.

A second lawn care business owner said “that is brilliant. You should be marketing that service more! I bet at the end of the season, you could get rid of all those leaves you have collected! No dumping fees!

I have been asked to perform some roto-tilling services in the past but I declined the work. With some of my previous experiences, I have learned it’s a waste of time to try and till a garden area that has never been worked, with a small walk behind tiller. You won’t get anything done and it’s frustrating. I have tried this on gardens.

The only way to go is with a tiller that has some power and weight to it. I haven’t purchased a compact tractor yet but it’s something I’d like to get. Maybe next year. Then I will most definitely be putting this service in all my fall marketing. Just a few thousand keeps me from offering it now. But this will ultimately happen.”

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