Fall and winter lawn care marketing idea with Poinsettias, mums and a farmer’s market.

When Fall arrives, here is a great lawn care marketing idea. It’s a two part marketing idea. First you order a large amount of Poinsettias or mums to hand out to your customers. Then with the flowers you have left, why not consider setting up a farmer’s market style display in your area. Maybe at a busy street corner? Maybe at your local volunteer fire dept or maybe even a vfw. Give them a % of the sales. Or do this in front of your office or at your home like you would with a yard/garage sale.

Put up signs on local telephone poles or make yard signs to promote this.

This is a great way to meet new potential customers. Make sure you promote your fall and winter services like aeration, leaf cleanups, snow plowing, gutter cleaning and holiday outdoor decorations.

Tim: “Christmas Cards: how many people have sent out pre-printed Holiday Cards?

How may have sent out HAND WRITTEN Holiday Cards? I do hand written cards so it is more personal.

Does anyone like myself put a little something in those cards. like a coupon or personal note offering any Holiday Discounts on winter time services or even a free cut & trim for the up coming season?

Does anyone send cookies, candy or fruit baskets to suppliers?

Just something I do when we send out cards they are hand delivered with a small poinsettia. This is our first year, years before when I was operating another business we had over 2,500 customer so this was not any way feasable so we sent cards with 1 free month monitoring to all residential customers and cards alone to the larger business’s.

Think about it, if you were the customer wouldn’t you be surprised to receive a card with 1 free cut & trim coupon in it?”

Steve: “That is a great idea. What do you suggest spending on a small gift like the flowers for your customer?”

Tim: “We purchased #1 & # 3 pots total of 200 @ $2 each we sold the small #1 pots @ $5 each or 5 for $20, the larger pots #3 we sold straight $15 each.

I got these from the same place my landscape supplier got theirs from a plant/greenhouse supplier. But as you see we had to buy large quantities.

We are sold out of the small #1 and only have a handful of the #3 left so we did well with this.

We set up a both @ the Farmers Market. It is only open on the weekends 8-5 Sat and 8-3 on Sun, another way to get our name out there.”

lawn care marketing poinsettia

Steve: “Oh that is fascinating! So you give them to your customers and you also sell them at a booth!

What kind of marketing do you do at your booth?”

Tim: “We have business cards that we stick in the flower pot and whatever seasson it is we hand out flyers with discount coupons.

We did the fall (with mums) and winter with poinsettia’s and flyers for each. Next year we are going to do the Spring (late Mar, April), Fall Late Sept, Oct, & Winter (Week before Thanksgiving to about the 1st week or 2 of Dec).”

Tara: “We passed out mums for the first time this fall and have done hand written Christmas cards since we started 4 years ago…

Both go over really well…

Our customers think we are just so attentive and kind and we get a chance to communicate and touch base with everyone at least a couple of times during the holidays.

The really nice thing about my position in this company is that I never really have to do any of the physical hard work.

Yes I take care of all the office work, answering the phone and returning emails, marketing ideas, website, financials, A/R and A/P, and a ton of other stuff involved on the administration side but very rarely will you catch me pushing a mower.

I do go out on route with the guys a couple of days a week when I want to…

Usually though I go on Saturday when I know our customers will be home. I take my dog Hami Bones and we visit.

After chatting with our customers a bit I might take some new pictures for our growing collection and then if the guys aren’t finished I usually help out.

Hami Bones and I delivered the mums to all of our customers personally during the first and second weeks of October. Inside each mum I placed a happy fall message that I designed and printed out on Avery business card paper...

lawn care marketing mums

All of our customers thought we were so sweet and they always give Hami Bones plenty of scratches and pets. It is fun for both of us and gives me a chance to speak with all of them about how they are feeling regarding our services or up-coming lawn projects they might want to start…”

Steve: “You really are doing a wonderful job!

Now when you are handing out these flowers do you make it a point to only give them if someone is at the home or will you leave them at the door?”

Tara: “I think it is important for every business to have someone that will do the PR work…and not only do I consider myself good at it but I enjoy it as well.

The guys are too busy doing the actual physical work to take a lot of time just chatting it up with our customers.

Most of the mums we handed to our customers but there were a few we just left at the door…”

Tim: “I think we do because the extra touch of giving back something and being personal with the customers brings them back, we have 100% return for next season.”

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