Expanding my services with my new utility work machine.

Most every lawn care business owner is looking for ways to make more money. There are many ways to go about doing this. You can offer more services, hire more employees to perform more work, or if you want to stay small you can look to perform specialized services that bring you a higher profit margin. From this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we see how one lawn care business owner, purchased a utility work machine that allowed him to offer services the average start up business doesn’t offer. Offering these new services allowed him to charge more per hour and make a higher profit margin per hour.

He wrote “I am getting prepared to make money this winter from snow removal. Last year I did so well with it, I now refer to snow removal as white gold. To separate myself from local competitors, I purchased a utility work machine that allows me to add on different attachments to perform a variety of services.

For winter I utilize a snow plow and bucket attachment. The lift capacity on the dump is rated 2,000 lbs and 1,500 on the front end. After playing with it for over a year now, I think the ratings are light. When you have the snow plow attachment on, you feel like you are riding in a real bulldozer. The cab protects me from the elements when I am working and provides both heating and air conditioned.

In the spring I am looking to buy some turf tires along with a 90″ mower attachment for larger mowing accounts. The vehicle has four wheel steering and with turf tires, it shouldn’t leave a mark in the grass. I am amazed at the maneuverability of the vehicle as I can crab the steering to darn near go sideways with it.

Having run much excavating type equipment in my life I can say it is one of the most balanced, quickest pieces I have ever run. I can’t tell you the weight or width but it does go 18 mph.

I am always thinking about services I can get into offering that start up businesses don’t have the resources to perform. Another service I can get into is adding a trencher attachment to dig out trenches for utility companies. In my area their is a lot of loose soil and there has been a big push to install fiber optic cable. Providing this service as a subcontractor should bring me in some good money.

There are some excellent excavating companies in my area but at times they are all booked up. When they get busy, they turn down a lot of smaller jobs that would be perfect jobs for me to perform. They want the big jobs because they have bigger bills to pay. There are a few mini excavation companies in the area but what I have found is either the work they offer simply isn’t good or they don’t market their services to let others know what they can perform. With my utility work machine I can perform jobs and make a profit that other, larger companies throw away as scrap work.

Utility work machine

Utility work machine

Getting a license & insurance for these jobs isn’t a problem. The problem I find that keeps many business owners from going this route is that it costs money for the equipment and it differs from mowing. Mowing can be relaxing and low stress. With excavation, you need to pay attention to what you are doing at all times. Hitting an underground cable can lead to 10’s of thousands in repair bills and down time, so you need to always be aware.

As you save your money and look forwards to purchasing new equipment, instead of just going out and buying a bigger mower, why not consider purchasing a utility work machine and expand the amount of higher profit services your lawn care business can perform.”

Learn how to bid snow plowing jobs with this snow plow estimator for Android.

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