Don’t forget why you started your lawn care business.

Over time we forget things that were once important to us. We forget issues in our lives that changed our being. We forget names and faces. We also forget why we started on a journey. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we learn how forgetting why you started your lawn care business can be disastrous in many ways, as one business owner shares with us his revelation.

He wrote “I thought I had my priorities all figured out, but I have since realized I had them completely backwards.

Stability is something I have always wanted, it is what I needed most. I created my lawn care business so I could take care of myself and support a family for many years to come. On my journey to achieving this stability, I have completely forgotten the reason I was after it. I put 100% of my effort into my lawn care company and gave up on everything else without knowing it. I gave up on everything that made me want stability in the first place, and at the cost of my present time happiness.

I can shout about how much I hate my lawn care company and how it was able to consume me and in a way, trick me into losing touch with what I already had.

It’s kind of like putting your life on pause, just because you think you know the future will be better because of it. But when the future finally comes around, you find out you are just as unhappy and find yourself thinking of how you lived your past and wonder ‘what could have been’ if you had only…

So if you are married, imagine pulling in extra hours at work so you could have a big vacation with your wife the following year. It sounds fantastic, and may make logical sense to you. Though instead of pulling in those extra hours at work, you have to remember you actually have the chance to spend that time with your wife now and they are just as important, or even more important than a better life in the future, to take that big vacation.

Remember why you are doing what you do and find a balance now. At first i thought I knew what I wanted, but I forgot why I wanted it along the way and got lost.

I hope the example above helps everyone with their priorities. Never say your friends or loved ones are holding you back from achieving a successful future. You need them more than you can ever imagine. Without them, your future is only worth a glass of whiskey, & even if that glass is half empty - you still have to pay the tab.”

A second lawn care business owner added “this reminds me of a story I heard some time ago before I got my lawn care business started. I can’t repeat it as well as it was told to me but I will attempt it anyway. So here goes my attempt….

A big New York City business man went on vacation to Mexico. While lying on the beach he noted that several days in a row this same man walked to the beach, got in his boat, went out and fished for a while and returned with enough fish to feed his family and a few extra to sell at the market to buy other things his family might need.

After watching this for a few days he hollered at the guy and the man came over. He told the fisherman what he had observed and said he believes he was capable of doing much better than that what he is doing now. The business man explained that if given the chance he could show the fisherman how to build a business by fishing all day, hiring employees as needed, buying more boats and hiring more employees until he had built a big conglomorate. The business man continued with saying that he could then show the fisherman how to sell his company shares to shareholders.

The fisherman paused and asked the business man why he would want to do that. The business man replied that after the business sold he would then be able to stay home and spend time with his family.

To that the fisherman replied, ‘I do that already’……….”

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