Do you mow in the rain? How long after should you wait to mow?

When you are running a lawn care business, time is money. For every moment you are sitting around waiting to mow, you are losing cash. So what is a lawn care business owner to do when it rains? Should they try to mow? If not then, how long should they be waiting for? That is the question posted on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum when one business owner wrote “do you mow in the rain? If not, then right after or do you wait until the lawn is dry?

Here are some of the responses to the question. As you will see, all are in agreement with slight variations on when to start.

- “I wait till it’s dry. I have mowed when the grass was wet but I don’t recommend it. I had a job today that will have to wait until tomorrow night.”

- “We will not mow wet grass, I always wait until it’s dry.”

- “I’ll cut with morning dew on the lawn but not after it rains. I hate having to scrape the underside of my lawn mower deck after every pass.”

- “I tried it once when I first got my lawn care business started to try and save time but it was a MESS! After I was done, I spent like 30 minutes cleaning the bottom of the mower deck.”

- “I don’t mow in rain or on the day it rains. I wait until the very soonest the grass is dry.”

- “What I do is look at the street, if it’s dark from being wet, I will wait until the entire street turns to it’s dry color, then I will start to mow.

BUT, I recommend using your mower at a slower speed, even mowing half deck instead of full deck. You can even raise your wheels one notch.

If your mower has problems or shuts itself off, I will lift the mower to clean under the deck. Wait a bit and then try to start again.”

- “Lawn mowing with morning dew is enough to aggravate me so rain is definitely out of the question for me. What drives me absolutely insane is when a lawn care customer insist on watering their lawn to swamp like conditions when they know we will be there that day to cut. Then they complain because of the mud tracks on their driveways, go figure.”

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