Do lawn care business door hangers work?

What a great topic! Do lawn care business door hangers work? That was the question posed to us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. In early June a lawn care business owner had just put out 500 door hangers and didn’t get a single call from them. Here is what he wrote “I just opened my new landscaping business. I got 500 door hanger out and I have not gotten a single call from anybody. Each door hanger had an offer for each customer who signs 1 year agreement $20 visa gift card and %10 OFF their 1st month. I just can not believe I have not got any calls yet. Also wanted to ask about how to make an offer for commercial such as (apartment complexes , shopping centers, restaurants …etc). Should I mail them an offer, or what to do ? Thank you for you help”

Do lawn care business door hangers work?

Do lawn care business door hangers work?

Here are some of the suggestions that other lawn care business owners shared.

“I’m not too sure where your location is but here in Florida our season is year round but it really picks up May 1st. If a customer wanted to change out with there current lawn care business they would have been thinking of this in March/April. Our season is in full bloom in May and the clients don’t like to change unless there is a real problem with the workmanship.

Secondly, I don’t really believe in door hanger because most people think what the heck is this on my door and rip it off and toss it in the trash. Word of mouth is great. If you have friends, family, co-workers ask them if you can do their lawn. Grab a couple and then you have an in when searching for more clients. They see your work and are impressed, then they ask you to take a look at their house and maybe you can get a job from it. Be more resourceful in what you can offer. Look at the house and see how many services you can offer them. Be resilient and goods things will come.”

“Regarding the landscaping door hangers, on average you can expect to receive about a 1-2% response rate. Handing out lawn care flyers and making in person contact with the potential customer seems to be more effective because they tend to get a “feel” for you. I think this would be especially true for commercial jobs. I know if you were bidding on my property, I would like the face to face time much better than trying to discuss this via telephone.”

“I don’t recommend starting with commercials. Stick to residential. Person to person communication is key to getting clients.

Make business cards with a blank back. Knock on doors & sell your service, ask them if they’d like you to give a free estimate (on the spot), if they say yes, write your estimate on the back of the card.

I also offer a referral program, the more customers one person gets me, the less they pay for lawn service. Try it out, forget gift cards, I tried that but it all really comes down to paying LESS for a service these days.”

“I tried door hangers in neighborhoods where I already did work. Got some results but I think I got the work because of the current customers referral rather than the door hanger.

The best results I have received other than referrals has been the local newspaper!

My second best source has been handing out magnetic business cards. I get them for $9.95 to $19.95 per 50. Some printers will even give a coupon for 25% off your next order. Hand the potential customer a business card, it goes in the garbage. But, you hand them a magnetic business card it goes on their refrigerator.

I no longer post flyers. I keep some to hand out in person. If you put it in their hand they think they know you. You’re not a blank face on the phone. I also work with Real Estate Companies. I got them by offering to set up a display at their open houses.

I also give referral bonuses to my customers and Real Estate Agents. 1 referral = a $10.00 Lowe’s or WalMart Gift Certificates. 2 = $20.00, 3 = $30.00, 4 + $50.00, and 5=$100.00. This works. I do the lawn treatments for 4 agents now.”

“In early June, you are starting too late for door hangers and definitely to late for commercial work.

Most people have their lawn care business service providers locked up for the season by now. You may get a client who is disgruntled with their current landscaper and wants a change. If I were you I would concentrate on other services. Get your foot in the door on a mulching or hedge trimming job. Give that customer your business card and remind them that you are a full service lawn care company and to keep you in mind for next season. This personal contact is much better than door hangers.

As far as commercial jobs start knocking on doors this fall and early spring. Most commercial accounts need to be in place weeks before the season starts. Find out who is in charge of grounds maintenance contracts and ask them if you can submit a bid.
Hope that helps.”

“My door hangers were a bust too. Spent a lot of money for professional design, full color printing and distribution. Put out 1,000 and got 1 call that turned into a 1 time job for $175. Most of these business are right, it’s about getting jobs through people you know. Google adwords is by far the best advertising dollar I’ve spent. Don’t give up and don’t be too focused on getting weekly accounts. I haven’t landed one, the only weekly’s I’ve encountered are looking for the $15-$20 per cut, I won’t do it. I have landed jobs doing clean ups for $175 to $500 and replacement of shrubs and Bark ($75 - $200).”

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