Do it for the love but don’t be above the money.

“And when’s it’s all over they can say he did it for the love, but he was not above the money.” That is a quote from one of my favorite Willie Nelson movies entitled “Songwriter.” I think this quote resonates still today and can help give us direction in understanding what drives us to continue in any path we choose to take. This discussion got started in a post on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and it begs the question, what motivates us? Why are we doing what we do? For the love, the money, or a mixture of both?

A lawn care business owner wrote “for sale, due to new career and move out of state. All my lawn care equipment. It is in excellent condition, turn key setup , and I would take $41,000 cash for it all or $24,400 for the landscape trailer and all equipment. No lease or terms except for lawn accounts.

All equipment was bought new, has very few hours, was used and maintained by owner operator only. Anyone looking to get into the landscaping business or anyone looking to expand, I dare you to find better equipment in this condition and at this price.

I’ve been in the landscape business for almost 14+ years now and have gotten to the point where I am burnt out.

My best advice to the new guys in order to avoid burn out, would be to make sure you are passionate about what your doing before you jump into it. There can be a lot of stress dealing with lawn care customers. There’s a lot of responsibility in running a good money making lawn care business. To do it right you need to put your customers first. Do the best job you can always. Be honest, work hard, and you can go far.

Make sure this is what you want to do with your life though. I’ve come to a point in my life where I now realize this type of work is not my calling. There is no more fun in it for me now. I do not enjoy it anymore. This is no way to live my life. It’s so important to always do what you love and the success will come from it.

Good luck to the new guys coming in. Research everything you can and constantly learn new ways and methods to achieve better results. Keep looking for ways to set your self apart from the pack.

Be passionate at what you do, and the rest will take care of itself.”

I thank our friend who gave us these parting words of advice. It is important we all heed his warnings.

  • Be passionate about what you are doing.
  • Learn to deal with the stresses of the business.
  • Learn to deal with the responsibilities.
  • Make money with it.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy it!

There are many different personality types and many different types of people. If you are more of a office/business person, focus on that part and hire others who excel at what you don’t enjoy. Conversely, if you enjoy being outside and working on the grounds and hate the office work, hire someone who can handle that part of the business.

Some business owners are more extroverted and enjoy being around people while others are introverted and enjoy being left alone. Think about which definition is more like you and find others who enjoy what you don’t and can excel at what you don’t want to.

Ideally you want to position yourself in a place within your business where you can produce to the best of your ability. If you sit and think about it, you can quickly come up with what you like about your business and what you don’t. Once you figure it out, allow that to become your roadmap for future growth. Find key employees that can take over what you have no interest in and you will see your business and the love of your business grow.

In the end, do it for the love of it, but don’t be above the money. Your business needs to make a certain amount of cash to survive, as do you, and as do your employees. If you find you are getting burned out in one area, try changing things around and do something different. Try offering some new services or maybe perform your current services in a new way. Change it up and keep it fresh.

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