Do I REALLY need a lawn care website?

Creating a website for a new start up lawn care business is still one of those daunting tasks that many a new entrepreneur will put off. What is the downside though to not getting a website up and running? That is the topic of the discussion we had on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Quite surprisingly we found that you can make money without a website, but those who have a website tend to make more money from their customer base. Read on and find out more.

One lawn care business owner wrote “if you do not have a website, and have asked yourself that question then I direct this question to you!

  • I have over the last three years passed out thousands of flyers.
  • I advertise in the local penny shopper.
  • I put business cards in several businesses in town, anywhere that people are going to stand and wait to check out.
  • I also have a website.

I have gotten NO that is NONE ZERO, response from flyers. I have gotten 30 customers from the penny shopper, most local residential, looking for someone cheap but willing to pay for quality work. I have gotten several mowing customers from business cards.
The BEST customers have come from my website. Nicer yards, large, willing to spend the money for lawn care, not just some guy to mow the grass.

Like today, I got a call, from a guy who said he looked at my website, and it was the only site that said I worked in the town he lived in. He signed a contract for full lawn care, mow trim edge, fertilize, weed control, and pest control. His property is 1 & 1/5 acres and I charged him $300 a month. Year round.

So do I need a website? NO, but then I would be killing myself for peanuts. From my experience, I have found that people who use their computer to find services have above average income and above average sized lawns. Think about what I said when you are considering which lawn care marketing methods you should be using.”

A second lawn care business owner shared “after each phone call, talking with a potential new mowing customer, I always ask how they got my number etc… Lately most have said google. I ask all my customers to sign my website guestbook after the work is complete which new potentials then see. I’m glad I have my website and I agree with you that better lawn care customers come from online.”

A third added “SEO is critical. The best SEO is thinking about how customers will try to find you and what you do.

In my case, the bread ‘n’ butter service is lawn mowing, so I’ve peppered my website’s contents with ‘lawn mowing [suburb or locality name]‘ so that when someone looks for the service in that area, there’s a better chance that I will be further up the list.

Don’t forget to get into Google Maps. It’s a really good free resource. Likewise, there are heaps of free business and service directories that you can get your company into, and will thus give backlinks to your site.

However, content is king. Make sure that the content on your website is relevant to the meta tags used and that it’s not just a huge pile of meta tags that are not relevant to the content, or worse yet, bigger than the content.”

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