Do I have what it takes to get started?

There are many variables involved in starting up a business. Do you have enough cash to get yourself started? Will you be able to get the equipment you need? Will you have enough money to market your business? What about having a partner? Is that important to improve your chances of success? In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from one entrepreneur who has many questions about if he has what it takes to get started. Compare your start up situation to his and see how you would respond to these questions.

One new lawn care business owner wrote “I live in a well to do southern college town with a population of maybe 40k people. Just outside of town there are many prominent estates and farms. There are maybe four or five small towns and two small/medium lakes within 30 minutes. I already work for some older couples who are struggling with their HUGE yards. I’m sure there are more out there. I also mow 3 yard for my landlord after work. I’m very charismatic and everyone I work with loves me because I work hard, give them respect and make them laugh. Heat index can be 105 like today and I will never complain just keep on workin’ with a smile on my face!

Can I start in this business as a two man operation spending $20,000+ right off the bat for equipment (used truck, used trailer, used mowers, etc)? Is that too much? I’m young and single (24) and live pretty dang frugal so I don’t need to NET a ton. I have maybe $25,000 in assets I can draw from so I don’t need to go into debt. I’m looking for a friend who already has something to bring to the table (truck, trailer, mower, cash). Can I even start as a two man operation?”

A second lawn care business owner responded “10 years ago I started my mowing business with a mere $1,000. Today that has changed. Now I have several lawn mowers, 2 of which are valued @ $9k….
I started with a walk behind lawn mower that was older than I was @ the time, a mini-van and a boat trailer.

So can you start in this business with $20,000 to invest? Sure you can.

Success in this business or any other business depends on the individuals passion & drive to make it WORK….Flyers, website, and trucks with company name all have boosted business in the past 2 seasons.

Regarding the ‘used vs new equipment’ discussion, If you HAVE money, you can buy new. If you HAVE money, you can buy used. If you DON’T have money, sometimes buying new is the more affordable option, as you can make payments.

Where I am now I buy NEW mowing equipment because I don’t want to worry every day that my equipment may die. As I go forward, I may buy some used items, but when starting out, that is up to you.

When it comes to starting a business with a partner, there is no way to insure both parties put in the same amount of time. Whether it’s paperwork, bidding, advertising, etc. Then with all that said, at any giving point the other partner can cut your throat and steal your customers right underneath you. I had employees try this that didn’t know nothing about the business end at all. Your partner can empty the bank account at any time and there’s not much you can do about it. Running a business is a full time job even if you work a few hours a week. There is so much to do behind the scenes.

I’d suggest experimenting as a sole proprietorship. You have some money, you can get started and spend a bit on equipment and marketing. Don’t muddle up the process by trying to take on a partner too. Get your feet wet a little bit and see how you like doing it. If you find after a while you enjoy it, scale up and get staff, and more equipment.”

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