Dealing with A.D.D. as a lawn care business owner.

Many business owners are self motivated and have lots of energy to focus. Some have an easier time than others when it comes to focusing. If you find that you jump from one project to another and it is difficult for you to get projects completed, you may want to consider applying some of these lessons another entrepreneur found success with. He shared with us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum some steps he has taken to improve his productivity and get more done

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have A.D.D. which I didn’t know I had it until later into my adult life. Years ago, one of my older children was diagnosed with a.d.d. so I had to learn a lot about it. I have read much about it also because I think my six year old has it as well. We have some testing scheduled to find out more with that child.

Another issue I battle on a daily basis with is a compulsive/obsessive disorder. The problems with me were typical. I would start a business or project and about the time it took off I would get antsy and start something else.

In my previous business I constructed new homes. We were starting a house a week. These were large detailed homes. I had a blast starting houses but I let too many drag on because finishing big houses was a pain. Fortunately I had hired good people that kept me from crashing and burning. The years I had to sit at a desk for ten hours a day were misery. I would have ten stacks of papers on my desk to review and never got to the bottom of any. It drove my office manager nuts.

Since then, I have developed some habits that help me battle these issues and stay productive.

  1. I work from a detailed daily schedule. Because I have my entire day scheduled in 30 minute increments I have a much easier time not going off on tangents.
  2. I have a completely clutter free desk. I only get out what I am going to work on.
  3. I like to read, but because of my a.d.d. I try and read a number of books at a time. I review a lot of trade magazines and news sites. I now use a tablet to do as much of this as possible. This has been a great device. Everything is always there when I need it. It has been an amazing tool and keeps my desk uncluttered so I don’t feel overwhelmed and slow down.
  4. I have a set bedtime. I use to stay up half the night bouncing from small project to the next and wake up exhausted. This has been an amazing change.
  5. I gave up golf. I would go to the practice range every day but by the sixth hole of every round I had enough.

These all might sound dumb to those not battling such disorders but they are what I have had to do is manage my life better.

Lawn care has been great. You move around all day long. Jobs are finished in short time. You are outdoors all day. When you finish, you see what you have done. The money is really good too.

If you have found yourself battling similar issues as me, consider trying out these suggestions and see if they help you improve your focus and productivity.”

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