Culvert installation and marketing.

There is plenty of work out there for your lawn care or landscaping business. Don’t expect the work to just come to you. You need to keep an eye out for it. Then once you find an opening, get yourself an opportunity to present yourself and sell the customer on why they need your services. That is what this lawn care business owner did when he shared with us a great story on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. In it, he explains how he was prepared and able to jump on a new sales opportunity. You can do this too!

He wrote “If you want to work, I honestly believe it is there for the taking. It simply boils down to how much you want it. How willing you are to work to get it? Do you have the knowledge, equipment, and staff to perform the job? Once all that is covered, if you do a good job, the quality will generate enough new business to help you grow as fast as you want.

culvert installation part 1

culvert installation part 1

With that said, I recently learned my area is changing a building requirement for home owners in the surrounding area. The are requiring home owners to bring their driveway drainage and culverts up to a new code. The culvert ends need to meet a new specific requirement and either you can do it or the town will do it. If the town has to do it, they will be adding the costs associated with it to your tax bill. It is now code homeowners must have precast culvert ends in. The residents have 3 years to get it done. The reason why is the old way was to build up the culvert ends with rock, however due to our winter weather they never stay and end up getting plugged. Then flooding takes place.

culvert installation part 2

culvert installation part 2

When I learned of this, I did my own driveway myself as I can do it for a fraction of the cost. Once completed, I had post cards made up that promoted this service. Since sending them out, I have all the excavation jobs I can handle this year. I also mentioned this service to the many home owners whom we mow for.

culvert installation part 3

culvert installation part 3

What I am finding now is once they ask for a price, they find out I can do it cheaper than the township so they give me the go ahead. With the savings they are getting from my service, they also want to get their driveway repaved and have it done all at once.

For the culvert ends, I am paying less than $200 a piece. I can also upsell the home owner on down spout tie in’s. So far this is a pretty big service for us. We probably have 60 places to perform this service this year. When I am onsite performing an estimate, I tell the home owners that water lying up against the house is not a good thing. Some home owners try to divert it to their lawns but experience wash out. In many cases the water from the down spouts and the grade washes out parts of the driveway after we get some pretty intense rain storms.

culvert installation part 4

culvert installation part 4

This just goes to show you the importance of keeping an eye and ear out for changing laws that can help you sell more services. While you are onsite for one service, don’t be afraid to point out other issues you can remedy as well. You can take an initial small mowing job and turn it into a multi-thousand dollar excavation job with the right conditions and presentation.”

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