Connections will make your lawn care business succeed.

Isn’t it amazing how success in business and sales always comes back to the simplest of things. Networking with people. That’s it. We sometimes seem to make this process so much more complicated than it needs to be.

Why do you feel we do this? Why do we get away from the fact that it all comes down to meeting people, knowing people, networking with people? This is a topic we had discussed on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

Connections will make your lawn care business succeed.

Connections will make your lawn care business succeed.

One lawn care business owner wrote “connections and networking I believe is the key for any industry. As we speak, I am trying to work my connections to land a fairly large commercial client in my area. You know how I landed the previous one? It all came down to connections and networking.

You have to be able to transfer your credibility to your potential lawn care customers. This is very important and it is essentially what happens when you get a referral to another customer. Credibility is something that you have to build up over time. It may take a while to build but once you get it, you need to protect it and not do anything to tarnish it.”

Another said “it is how I have made every business I have either owned or taken over a success. Simply calling people in the network or people in power that I know to plant the seed about what my new business venture is. From there it’s all word of mouth. I can tell you first impressions on a cold call mean a lot if you are going after the guy that has the big bucks. You, your truck and equipment means a lot to them. I base this view on the constant feedback I receive from customers. One private community that hired me for property care took a look at my truck and equipment set up and said, ‘now that is the kind of equipment we want looking after our properties.’ I know it costs and it can cost a lot but you have to raise the bar to get into the big bucks areas.

During the Winter months I sell my wood crafts. Recently I did my last craft show of the season. It was an amazing success. While I was selling my wood working to the local community, I was also promoting the lawn care services I offer. I had all the various post cards on display for the different services I offer such as, Organic Lawn Care, Tree Cutting, Leaf Collection and a few others. I bet over 300 cards were taken and I noticed a lot of interest in the organic and excavation services, a few for wood chipping too!

As for sales, holy smokes, I have made more in the past two weeks doing craft shows than many people in this industry make in six months. I was shocked! I have 16 orders due by Christmas Eve. All of it picture framing artwork which is easy money and very high profit.

A few former clients stopped by my booth that I haven’t seen in years. I talked to them and will pick up additional work now because of our discussion. To be honest I had forgot about them and they were right in this rich area where I do mowing and lawn care now. I did remember their name and they knew who I was right away. So it just goes to show how important it is to stay in touch with your network.”

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