Commercial lawn care bid assistance needed.

If you are new to bidding lawn care for commercial properties, here is a look, from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, at how a few different landscapers came up with their price. Quite possibly you could compare a current job you are looking to bid on with the job discussed here and get a feel for how long such a job would take to mow and what you may want to consider bidding the job at.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have an opportunity to take on a commercial lawn mowing account. Here are the basics of the job.

  • The area size of 24,000 Sq Ft, Mow, Trim, Blow.
  • The contract is for 6 months at twice cut per week.
  • In assuming this will be a half year I figure it will be 52 cuts.

I have created a bid price of $12,480 but for a signed lawn mowing contract, I would offer a discount of 5% bringing it to $11,856. The problem is, I have not bid on any lawn care contracts larger than $600.00 so I am testing the water with this one.

I consider mow, trim and blow to be one service. Does anyone have any reservations about the amount of my bid based on their experience. It is a basic mow, trim, blow. No added difficulty. I figured the cost of $0.10 per sq ft.

Commercial Lawn Care Bid Assistance

Commercial Lawn Care Bid Assistance

To double check the property size, I had my partner/son go over to the property and get the measurements with a measuring wheel. The property came out to a flat 25,090 sq ft. If I bid it at $11,200 for six month it will come out to be payable at $1,870 per month. The land is flat, there is trimming on the sidewalks and drive but they are limited. I am also bidding on a pressure washing job at the same location for $1,200.

I have only two mower currently that are 21 inch. If I get this contract I will be getting a better mower. (Rider or ZTR)”

A second lawn care business owner said “at first glance it looks as if myself and one helper could have this job done in under a half hour. Most likely though you will have more time in edging and trimming than mowing.

Though everything is figured by the foot I don’t have a set price per foot. I just have an idea of how long it should take me to mow so many feet, and then you should know about how long it should take you to trim, blow, etc,. so many feet.

If I have someone give a bid while I’m not there. (I keep measuring wheels in my trucks) I have them measure the square footage for mowing, linear foot for trimming and possible blowing. I then tell them to figure $15-20 for the time to load and unload. Then multiply the square footage by our dollar figure based on our overhead and expenses. I have them calculate linear feet of edging and possible blowing and multiply that by another dollar amount. Then figure in obstructions and other added difficulties, he have our price list for hedging and other jobs to refer back to.

Commercial properties almost always have added difficulties. If they have any mulched beds you would want to be sure to figure in there upkeep as well. To me around $100 a visit looks good for the information you’ve provided. I recommend bidding based on time until you find another pricing structure that scales up and down nicely without needing a lot of extra thought on how to adjust it. I use my footage prices mostly for the purpose of breaking down a bid for someone to see what I am charging them for instead of telling them I think it should take me .75 labor hours.

A third added “my guess is that you would do alright with a $75 - $100 per mowing bid. 24,000 sq ft is about 155 ft x 155 ft area (50 yards x 50 yards). If there is a lot of trimming to do, that can bump up the price. Also keep in mind that any obstacles that need to be mowed around will make it take longer to mow. Many variables go into a bid. Without really seeing an overhead shot of the property makes it hard to judge.”

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