Cold calling on overgrown lawns?

Have you ever found yourself driving by an overgrown lawn as you were out mowing? Did you consider contacting the home owner to try and sell them on lawn mowing? In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from some business owners on how they approach overgrown lawns and sell them on mowing.

One lawn care business owner wrote “as I am out mowing my route, I see these terrifying over-grown lawns owned by either homeowners (which I’m going to personally solicit) and homes listed for real estate. With my newest mower  I feel I can profitably cut any height lawn, like up to 5 feet, so the height of the lawn doesn’t scare me. But I am not sure on how to approach these owners.

Business isn’t growing as fast as it’s not spring anymore and I think I can make some decent cash mowing these overgrown yards. Can anyone give me some tips on selling people $100+ lawn cuts, cold call style?

Overgrown lawn

Overgrown lawn

I just don’t know what else to say other than ‘Hey I have a powerful brush mower so I can work better then everyone else, so the deal I can offer you is unbeatable and outstanding’ without sounding desperate (which I am, slightly).

A second lawn care business owner responded “the way I go about getting jobs like this is I tape a door hanger to the door, with a copy of the county lawn ordinance. I have gotten calls from people who just bought the house, from real estate agents (who thought that the lawn was being cut) and from a bank (got 13 yards from one call for bi-weekly mowings).

Be sure to take pictures of before/after, and anything that is damaged (before you work)

Send those pics with the bills.”

A third shared “if it’s a property for sale, can you call the number and say the grass is really high on it and I can cut it for you with my brush mower for $X?

I bet after a few calls, you will find something that works smoothly.

What’s the worst they can say? No?”

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