Choose your lawn care business slogan carefully.

When you are coming up with a slogan or a tag line for your lawn care business you really have to think about it and look at it through the eyes of the potential customer. In fact, if you have a few slogans you are considering, you should run them by some friends or family that aren’t emotionally attached to your business and ask them what they think about the list. Which would they choose and why. You may be in for quite an education with the responses you get.

One member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum asked us about a new slogan he came up with when he wrote “I am wondering what your opinions are about having a tag line that says

We mow over our competition.

Or is it best to not mention competition at all?”

I think it’s a very creative slogan but I am sitting here thinking if I were the potential consumer reading this, what would that mean to me?

It might not mean anything to me. As you sit there, ask yourself what would the consumer get out of knowing you mow over your competition? The potential customer might sit there and say so what?

A slogan should be more of how the consumer will benefit from choosing you.

Another lawn care business owner shared his view as well when he added “what benefit does that really give the customer? I am no expert, but I just don’t think when they read it, it will make them say this is the guy I need. It should be something that says who you are and what that does for them. Not sure mine does that either, but it does show what I will do for the customer and what to expect from doing business with me. Mine slogan is

Dependable, Professional Quality, Always.”

So when you are experimenting with slogans or tag lines remember to use it as a tool to build your business up. Don’t waste your time, or ad space trying to tear down a faceless nameless competitor, because ultimately what’s the point? No one cares about that. They want to know what are you going to do for me. What makes you different from the rest. What will make you stand out. Why should I choose you!

Now that you know what the customer is looking for, use your ad space wisely and answer your potential customers questions as quickly as possible before you lose their attention!

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