Charging lawn care customers more because you are tired?

There are a lot of variables that factor in to how you develop your lawn mowing prices. Gas, equipment, overhead costs, but what about charging a premium when you are called to estimate a job and you are tired and would rather not do it? But instead of just blowing the estimate off completely, what if you decided you would rather bid the job high enough so that if you got it, the price you are getting would re-invigorate you? That’s what one member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum did and it taught us all some lessons.

He wrote “it’s July and I received a call from a family friend. She wants lawn maintenance.

I go to her place and it’s a jungle. Now I’m tired and at this point of the year even by working for myself, I feel like I need a raise (lol). So what did I do? I charged her double the regular cost, and amazingly it was accepted!

I guess at this time of year it’s safer to try out experimenting with your prices. Some potential customers just might bite. I know at least now I can relax a little. Going out to mow lawns won’t be as much of a hassle. I’ll feel like I’ve gained some sort of bonus or something.

Have any of you ever tried to make more money by doing less work, just to give you that feeling of having the upper hand in some sort of refreshing way? I think it’s needed for everyone in this business.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I think this is a real neat example of how when you need it less, you get more.

When you first get your lawn care business started, you are usually desperate for work. You will go over the top with the work you do for little money because you are afraid you won’t get the job.

As you go, you fill out your schedule with more work and then you don’t feel as desperate. You can start charging more because you know your basics are covered.

As you do this, you realize you can charge a premium for your work to certain customers. Sure some will say no but others will say yes. With higher prices come higher profits and you start to feel hey what was I missing out on! This is great!

Older cheaper customers can then be culled from your list and replaced with higher priced customers. Your business can then grow and get what it needs as your income grows.”

A third added “I charge high, high prices in the middle of the summer for people who are searching for me. I do this because I’m already super busy, so I want good money for my time. Not only do you have the satisfaction of the extra money, but you also get the feeling you and your company are wanted. The work you do is noticed and the satisfaction of running a successful business, is an AWESOME feeling.

Whether you do a great job for a customer who pays more, or a great job for less money, as long as it is the best, they will tell people, and that means MORE MONEY in the future.”

A fourth shared “I had a call from a customer in the early spring for a lawn raking and aeration. At the time, I was swamped and could not keep up with the bookings that I had, so I bid the job almost double what I would have normally. I was hoping that the customer would find someone cheaper and hire them. Well needless to say, she took the bid, but I will admit I made it fit my schedule and was very shocked that she still wanted it done.

How to get lawn care customers book

How to get lawn care customers book

All that being said, I also have a customer that doesn’t pay very much. She is a lovely mid 30’s woman that has some medical issues and can’t work as a nurse for the time being let alone push a mower or shovel a sidewalk. Even though she does not get charged very much, a couple of weeks ago while mowing her lawn her neighbor asked if I could take my string trimmer and run the edges on her yard as her’s was broke. I spent about 10-15 minutes trimming and she gave me a check for $42 dollars … way more than I would have charged or expect.

Sometimes things have a way of coming back to you. Hard work with quality results will always be in demand, and pay well in the long run!”

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