Catchy lawn care bandit sign ideas.

Winter will be gone soon and some lawn care business owners will be looking for ways to attract new lawn care customers. One of the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us some of his tips for successfully using lawn care bandit signs.

This discussion all started off when a member wrote “I am just getting my lawn care business started and I need an effective sign to get lawn mowing customers. What do your favorite or most effective signs say?

I was thinking of something like this:


But I was wondering, should I put company name on there? Or not worry about any branding now?”

One lawn care business owner suggested “I’ve put up a lot of those kinda bandit signs and what I find is that you need to make them with bright colors. It will give them more attention rather than just plain black and white. Trust me I know! After putting up about 30 black and white signs and getting nothing I switched to color and wah bam!!! The calls started coming in!”

Which color combination did you like best? What color background and what color text do you suggest?

“I use neon green or orange with bold black lettering. There are lot of places to put the signs up but only a few where they won’t be taken down right away. For instance if you put your sign on a stop sign in the middle of a neighborhood it is more likely to be taken down than at the entrance. Also putting your sign at stop lights on main roads where lots of people can see them is a good idea. I don’t know off hand of any laws preventing anyone from putting them up so I just say try it out and see what works best for you.”

Ultimately to be successful with this form of marketing it seems you need to do at least two things right. You need the right message and you need to put it where the right person will be reading the message. I wouldn’t be too concerned with branding at the moment. The amount of time you have to grab a motorists attention is going to be super fast. So don’t try to give them too much visual stimulation. Get to the point and get their quick. Solve one of their problems and then give them a way to contact you.

If a person is needing their lawn cut and they see that sign, there is a good chance they will call. You could also experiment with other seasonal services. Like Fall or Spring cleanups, gutter cleaning, or even snow removal.

Keep your message short and to the point. Then be ready to answer the phone calls!

Lawn care bandit sign

Lawn care bandit sign

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