Can I make enough to quit my day job?

You can sometimes be in such a rush to quit a full time job, that you miss the big picture if you will be financially able to do it. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from some entrepreneurs on their view of quitting a full time job to go full time in your lawn care business. What would it take and how you can hit your financial goals.

One new lawn care business owner asked “I’m in the first couple months of my lawn care business and I currently work a full time job. I do eventually want mow lawns full time once business picks up. What I’m wondering is about how much money could I possibly bring home a month?

I will just be a one person outfit, probably handling 40-45 lawns at max, I will do fall and spring cleanups and mulching and I also want to include snow removal in the winter.

I just want to get an idea of what I’m going to be dealing with if I decide to do this full time. I know mowing lawns is completely different then having a full time job with a steady income. I currently only make roughly $2,200 monthly and my wife makes about $1,500, so if I could make $2,200 or more profit a month, then that would be awesome with me. I have bills to pay!”

A second lawn care business owner responded “If I were you, I would stick with your full time job and build your business slowly. I’m doing this now and loving it. I’m off on my own working for myself in the afternoons, and have a steady income with my full time job. When you get too many mowing clients, hire a helper. Then when you still have a too much to do, think about going full time and evaluate to see if you can. I think quitting a paying job is a HUGE risk to take now a days with the bad economy and people still worried about money.”

A third shared “to make $2,200 a month you would need to make around $3,500 with your mowing business. Now making that in one month isn’t that hard but to average it over the year. Good luck with that.

Going head first into any kind of business is a major risk and I would agree that if you have a steady income coming in, to not jeopordize it for the short term gain.

Business is a funny and deceiving thing where some folks get a taste of making a few bucks on their own and they think it can only get better and then winter time comes and you get a cold hard slap of reality.

We all like to get into snow removal in the winter as our saving grace and when it does not snow enough or at all, it makes a bad situation worse.”

One last business owner shared “well if I made $300 a day, that’s about (8) $40 jobs, $40 jobs only take me 30-40 minutes. $300 a day for the mowing seasons is a gross for $50k, just for mowing. That’s more than I make in a year now. Then I either have the rest of the season to take off, or I can do fall cleanups, then snow removal in the winter, spring clean ups, mulching and then the start of the mowing season again, it seems like a pretty good money maker to me, but what do I know.”

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