Buy 6 mowings and get one free marketing idea?

Being observant to what other industries are doing to attract new customers can be a great way to get ideas to attract your own customers. Sometimes you can take an idea and use it exactly the same way you saw it used. Other times you can alter the idea a bit to better fit your needs. Here is a great example of that from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote “if you’ve every been to a nutrition/ supplement store, many of them offer a card, which they will stamp every visit. For every time you visit and if your card has been stamped to their limit (usually 6 visits) you receive 25% off your next purchase.

Imagine that…

What if you offered this to your lawn care customers? They would hold on to this card, maybe even have a key chain attachment for it. You’d need to customize a stamp, maybe with several different types of colors so people don’t get away with forging. (blue first time, yellow second, green third, etc) create a pattern so you’d know who’s tricking you. Switch the pattern every season.

Every time they pay, you stamp their card. The reward you give is up to you. I also believe that this will keep customers from avoiding us during payment. I mean, they kinda benefit now and won’t be as hesitant!

All you need to do is get a business card made with the saying, ‘Present this card while making a payment towards our lawn maintenance service.’ Or ‘Get your card stamped six (6) times by our representatives with each payment towards our lawn maintenance service.’ Something like that. Get a nice stamp made and done!

Just adjust the amount you have to stamp the card, 6 times may be low, but for me that’s as long as my season lasts (6 months). Hopefully this will guarantee these customers hire me the following year. Is it worth it? It’s better than not having them stick with me, so yeah!

I’m thinking about putting these out, with my business cards. I’ll even give them 1 stamp, just so they feel closer to that benefit of being with me. It sounds like an awesome way to advertise. ‘Here is our card, now here is a card saying you are getting closer to a free mowing’ especially compared to other lawn care companies. People who have never hired a mowing service may get involved and give it a shot if they know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I’d even be specific about the card, we don’t want to give free mowing to really large properties, so maybe we’d write the property details on the back and double the amount of times their card needs to be stamped. (give or take).”

A second lawn care business owner said “I think for me and my company, I would use it to encourage the customer to utilize my extra services ( pressure cleaning, mulching, gutters, etc.) My mowing clients are on yearly contracts, same amount every month all year long, so I am not looking to try and retain them for the next growing season. But I make a lot more money in the extra work, so offering for ex. $5.00 off lawncare for every $50.00 spent in other services sounds like a nice offer. You are creating more business, marketing more services, and giving back to client all in one promotion.”

A third business owner said “my thought on it is this. Most lawn care customers are going to want their lawn cut weekly throughout the year once they sign up with you. Therefor giving them a free cut when they are already expecting to get this service from you and are willing to pay for it, may not help you.

I have seen pizzerias offer something like buy 10 pizzas and get your card stamped each time, then your 11th pizza is free. This gets folks to buy 10 pizzas where they might not or gets them to buy all the pizzas from the same pizzeria, where they might otherwise buy them from different pizzerias to mix things up a little. Lawn care customers have no interest in having multiple lawn care companies, service them.

If the goal is to get the customer to pay on time, I would think there might be better ways to handle it. Why not have them prepay? We see many businesses here do this and it seems to work for them.”

A fourth shared “I send out emails to EVERYONE I know (even folks who are not lawn mowing customers) and everyone gets the “3 FREE CUTS FOR A REFERRAL PROGRAM”.

Anyone can refer a new customer to me. If the referral says ‘yep, cut my grass, I like your price, etc.’ the person who referred the new client to me gets 3 free cut ‘coupons’ to use anytime they like. They could use them while they go on vacation, during the hot month of July, etc. It costs me nothing (gas and a little time) and I just picked up a new client worth another $1,000+ a year and more exposure. It works.”

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