Being pet friendly can help you land more lawn care accounts.

Anyone who tries to sell anything knows how important is it to be friendly. The concept of being friendly really covers many different levels. Sure you might dress up, put a smile on your face, say hello, and think with that you will win over a new customer. But as we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, you might want to consider in the future if you are being pet friendly as well.

One lawn care business owner wrote “so I get a call yesterday morning to do a bid for some yard work. I set my  schedule to be out there early in the afternoon. The name of the customer sounded familiar but I did not get a last name so I don’t know. Anyway I get there around 1:30pm and my truck is met by some very curious border collies. I have one so I waste no time jumping out of the truck to greet them. I then knock on the door and am met at the door by the lady of the house.

The immediate property surrounding the home is really nothing spectacular. Just a lawn with some landscaping but it is surrounded by 500 acres of rolling hills. My house is actually landscaped more intricately than this one. It kind of caught me off guard as most well to do people have pretty nice landscaped yards. Anyway, we first discuss what needs to be done then proceed to talk about life and what not for the next hour. I explained I had to get going and she said she would let me know as she is waiting for several other companies to bid the job as well. I shook her hand, thanked her, gave her my card and went on my way.

On the way down this long drive way leaving the 500 acre ranch, I get to the main road, look to my left then to my right and notice the name on the mail box. It then hits me. This family is one of the wealthiest influential families in our county and I start to get very excited. I get home and ponder the whole thing and then hit the road to my next customer at about 3:30pm. While at the mail box I get a phone call telling me I got the job if I want it. This can mean very good things for my business locally as the list of family owned rentals they own is endless.

I was a bit surprised as my bid really was the highest. I quoted $50 per week for the lawn and edging and $35 per hour for anything else. This will be my first bid with my higher price and it went over a lot better than I thought. The reasons I got the job was not because my equipment was better or because I have been in business longer or my price was the best. Get this. It was because I was the most personable, non demanding person who was also liked by the dogs lol. I was told the dogs would not let the other people out of their trucks.

She specifically told me that her dogs let me out of my truck so I must be ok. She explained that she felt like the other guys were casing the place and they mentioned they did not like dogs. She is a dog person and said anyone that has a problem with them can just stay away. I told her my biggest worry was they would jump on the door of my new truck and scratch it lol. They didn’t though, so no worries after all.

They own a great share of the property and ranches on this end of the county. Their family is one of the founding families of this county about 200 years ago. She mentioned that they have several rentals that have tenants who plant and water everything but she has a company go out and cut the lawns and what not. When I do a good job all this business can come my way as she mentioned not liking having several companies doing the same work at different locations. She wants one company and one bill for the most part.

I am not sure how they made their money top get to where they are now but I know the family owned copper and gold mines way back in the day. I believe they own a local winery too that bears their name.”

A second lawn care business owner said “that sounds like a great thing going there. Those are the type of people who you treat just a little better, or I should say you might work that extra hour for, say yes to a little something you might say no to another customer. Keep them happy and your business will thrive.”

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