Being on site longer improves your chances of selling more.

With many small lawn care businesses, the owners tend to feel there is more money when you get in and get out fast. However as we will see in this discussion, offering more services than simply lawn mowing can help you be on the job site longer. The longer you are on the job site, the better your chances are of meeting neighbors and others driving by. These meetings can lead to adding new customers. One of the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum asked a question that kicked off this discussion “I thought of a neat idea for all of us. Everyone will state what services we offer & explain how you go about doing them if you want. This will give everyone a clear idea on what services they might add to their business. I’ll start.

Landscape job site

Landscape job site

Services I Offered.

Gutter Cleaning
Spring/Fall Cleanups
Topsoil/Fertilizer/Grass Seed
Hedge Trimming
Branch Cutting


Grub Eliminating
Aeration, $50.00 a yard is the cost around here.
Driveway Crack Sealing (i’d add dye to the sealant to create the aged color)

Gardening, planting…
Tree Removal
Anything that keeps me in the same spot for the entire day.

I don’t like to stay in one spot doing a big job, which could bring me really nice income. I like lawn mowing because it’s quick & keeps me moving, I tackle a lot more & it feels great. I do weeding, but personally I hate at a job site for even more than 5 minutes. As for landscaping in general, even if I’m good at something, I just don’t enjoy it. ”

A business owner then said “I have to ask why you don’t want to offer those additional services? Personally I love jobs that keep the staff at one location for the day or hours at a time, your percentage of profit for the job will be far larger than moving around. Factor in down time (travel with no pay) gas, maintenance, insurance etc. I personally found the big jobs pay a significant profit margin.

It also gives time for people passing by to see the work, it’s free advertising and in our experience it pays big time.”

Another lawn care business owner shared “I have to agree, generally speaking the longer I am at a job site landscape jobs( not mowing or fertilization) the more profit we make. No wasted travel time, loading and unloading equipment etc. Of course that is assuming the job was estimated properly.”

A third said “I am trying to expand my business and the big jobs take me there. When I am on a job for the day, the neighbors take notice. I have business card holders that I put (I have velcro on my back truck windows and on the back of my business card holder). People stop to observe, take a card, and most often stop to ask questions. Having potential customers coming to you is far more productive than you going after them.”

If we can learn anything from this discussion it’s that staying on a job site longer, gives you a better opportunity to be advertising to the neigherbors. The longer you are on site, the more neighbors you can meet and talk with. These talks can be a perfect way to line up new lawn care customers.

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