Average lawn care business start up costs.

One of the big questions I tend to hear from entrepreneurs who are considering starting up a lawn care business is, how much will it cost to start up my new business? Costs can vary greatly depending on how big you go or how cheap you have to keep it but I thought if I could show you at least what four business owners thought of this topic, it would give you a pretty well rounded answer. To review more start up costs visit this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

  • One lawn care business owner shared:

Well for me taking into consideration I was mostly a landscaping business:

Truck $5000
Trailer $1000
Advertising $120
Equipment $700 (rakes, shovels, wheel barrows, etc.)
Truck insurance $300/yr
Company registration $100
Business insurance $700/yr
Truck registration $120
Trailer registration $70

So about $8000 in total.

  • A second lawn care business owner shared:

Used pick up $1500
Used 21″ mower $75
Used string trimmer $50
Used blower $50
Used edger $50
Business license $80
1 mil. liability insurance $478 (yearly)
Truck insurance $150 (monthly)
Gallon of 2 stroke oil $10
5 gallon fuel can $10
2 gallon fuel can $8
7 gallons of fuel $19 (89octane)

So roughly $2,480 could put you in business legally and grow it from there.

  • A third business owner started on the cheap and shared how he did it.

I started by using the car I own and pay on monthly. I use the trunk for my lawn care. It sucks but it’s better than nothing.

Used car-$60.00/week
22″ mower $75 (bought off season) in season its $150
String trimmer (FREE) giving from a friend. Sells for $70 at walmart
New blower $100
Car insurance $18.75/week
2 gallon fuel can $5 (mower)
1 gallon fuel can $2.50 (Trimmer) 40:1 ratio oil/gas
1 gallon fuel can $2.50 (blower) 50:1 ratio oil/gas

So roughly $400-600 put me in business but I still need to go legal and most of the equipment I had already for my own yard. I just use it since I already have it. When I get more money I’ll buy what I need to expand with cash only, so there is not borrowing.

  • A fourth lawn care business owner wrote:

Lawn Mower: $1,500.00
Trimmer: $500.00
Blower: $200.00
Marketing Material: $250.00
Cell Phone: $100.00
Gas Can: $20.00
Mix Can: $20.00
Trimmer Cord: $30.00
Eye Protection: $15.00
Grass Can: $40.00
Garbage Bags: $30.00
Rake: $30.00
Tarp: $15.00
Garden tools: $50.00

Total: $2,800.00

This does not include truck payments since I already owned it.

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