Are you answering your phone when you advertise your lawn care business?

This is a trap many many lawn care businesses fall into. When they first get started, they tend to be one man operations and because they spend most of their day mowing lawns, they are not answering their business phone. As we will see, it is very important you have all your business calls forwarded to your cell phone and have it set on vibrate so you know when someone is calling, even when you are mowing.

Mike started of this post by asking “Anyone ever have any luck placing newspaper ads for lawn service?”

Chuck: “Worked pretty well for me. Keep it simple 3-4 lines. Then answer your phone or get somebody to do it for you. Too many lawn care operators place ads then they’re out working all day & don’t even return the calls the same day. If we don’t answer we make sure to get back to them within 30 minutes (If they call the office my wife calls the cell phone & I check it between virtually every stop). Often times if you get there 1st to provide an estimate & you are professional, Courteous, & knowledgeable you can earn their business. If you wait to get back to them, somebody will beat you to it!”

He also had a great story to tell us how he learned of this importance of answering his phone that I wanted to share with you.

Chuck: “The only reason I know that to be a fact is that I was (& am a licensed health/life Insurance agent) just prior to starting my business. With the firm I worked for we specialized in affordable products for small business & the self employed. I spent days cold calling mom & pop shops from construction to pizza places, to landscapers, to painters & lawn care companies. I found it odd that I never got a hold of a single lawn care owner or manager on the 1st call. ( & no my caller ID didn’t say abc insurance co….)

Oddly, one did call me back & do business with me… during my appointment with him I admitted the hours in the insurance biz were crazy, 80+ hours most weeks & the cash was good but I had no life at all. I said I was contemplating starting a business of my own. Lawn care was already on my mind which is why I said that to him, I was wondering what he would say. The guy said “why don’t you start a lawn care business?”There’s a lot of competition but plenty of work & most of the competition out there is pretty lousy at what they do. I started mine 3 years ago & I make about 2k a week most weeks“. Well we sat there shooting the breeze about it. That night was the first time I seriously ran the idea past my wife. We are now friendly competitors.”

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