Are you a lawn care business owner or ambassador?

There are a lot of things you can do to take your lawn care business to the next step. Sure you can send out more mailers, buy more equipment, or hire more employees. But the real growth will not come until you take that step from playing the role to living the role. Become an ambassador of your business. That is what we discussed at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I was thinking and I know this probably makes a lot of readers cringe as my thinking usually involves a capital investment, but not this one though. What I was thinking about is the question, how well do you know your clients and what they do? How well do they know you? Are you simply a business owner or a business ambassador? Let me jump to a story to explain this further, here is what happened.

I like building relationships with clients, it makes all our lives a lot easier. Through conversations, I learned one client of mine owns a company that installs heat pumps and ventilation systems. He is small like most of us but does very good work, I checked him out.

So the other day, I started up a $30,000 landscape job with a new customer. The customer lives in this private community where I have just recently began to make connections in. A few weeks ago I picked up a bunch of customer there to deal with their grub issues. These people are are all wealthy but older. Anyhow one guy seems to love talking to me and we talked about what I would do to his place in the spring as I didn’t have time at the moment to work on any projects.

On thing led to another and he told me he has a moisture problem in his house and wanted to know what I thought about installing a heat pump? Also, how could I fix this mold inside the house? I said to him, I bet your heat exchanger is in the attic? He said yes it is and I told him it was in the wrong location. It should be in the basement and if you want a heat pump, another client of mine, 15 min from here, does top quality work.

This customer then said to bring him over with me the next time I stopped by. He said I trust you and I want you to explain things. So anyhow I called my other client, who runs the heat pump business and we all met together to talk about this house’s moisture issue.

Long story short, my client signed on for a four grand install job. As I was driving home tonight, I was thinking, we all should be doing more of this, it’s a win win situation for all involved.

We need to talk more with our customers and become ambassadors of our business. Not just salesmen, but ambassadors. The difference between the two is we become these figures of goodwill, we are not here to simply sell, but instead, to solve problems. When we solve problems, we make our customers feel better.

A long time ago when I was working at one of my first jobs, I was the manager of a brake and muffler shop, I talked to an old guy who owned the business and nine others. We used to have beers together on Friday nights after work. I was interested in his life story and how he became so rich. I will never forget his words, he said ‘I am the Ambassador for my company.’

I didn’t want to ask what that meant and appear stupid in front of the other managers but it stuck in my head. His meaning finally did come to me years later as I watched this guy and how he acted around people. He had other companies and many contacts, he lived and promoted his company 24/7.”

That is a fantastic story and I think it brings up an important point that we do not discuss enough. How many of us actually live the role versus play the role? What I mean by that is, when you run a business, you can look at it as you are an actor on stage for the 8 hours you are working. Or you can look at it as an ambassadorship that you live 24 hours a day.

Now what’s the difference? Well I think it is two fold. If you act the role for 8 hours, then you shut off and you are not involved with it further on your time off. This is how most everyone, who are employees, feel about their jobs.

When you are an ambassador you are always trying to be the go to person that makes things happen. You have access to resources the average person may not have and you can put it to good use. You have contacts the average person might not have either and you can make things happen.

People look to you as an authority figure of knowledge within a certain field and call upon you when they need assistance in it. If you can’t figure something out, you can call in another who you feel can figure it out.

Not many people take on this role and live it because it takes quite a bit of commitment on the part of the person doing it.

Let’s think of some real world people who did this. How about Dave Thomas of Wendy’s? Colonel Sanders of KFC? Henry Ford of Ford. Steve Jobs of Apple?

These are a few of the stars who stood out because they became ambassadors of their business. I think it is a rare quality in a person to take on this role but it can be very rewarding in what you are able to accomplish when you do.

Look around you. Think about those who are successful in their field. Ask yourself, are they playing the role or living it? Are they salesmen or ambassadors of their business? Now look at yourself. Are you playing the role or living it? Do you talk with your customers? Do you know them? Do you make things happen? If you are looking for ways to grow your business, you may want to consider taking that step from playing the role to living the role and really embrace the role as ambassador of your business.

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