Are leaf sweepers a good option for professional landscapers?

Are you looking for another way to pick up leaves from lawns you service during the fall? One of our forum members made a post in the Gopher Lawn Care Business forum and asked “Anybody using lawn sweepers to pick up leaves? I’m thinking that in some situations, this may the faster way to pick them up as well as other junk from lawns and parking areas.

From what I can find out so far, Parker seems to be the best built sweeper out there, but its a bit pricey and only 36″ wide. I suppose you get what you pay for. Also looking at the Craftsman 46″ wide model. Half the money with a higher brush speed compared to others. Reviews seem to be mixed on durability.

leaf sweeper

I’ll be using my ATV to pull it around as it is faster than my mower as well as more fuel stingy.

My lawn mower has a 61 inch deck with a bagging system, but it’s not that great at sucking up leaves in some situations. The problem is the ground is not that smooth at one particular account and I can’t get the deck low enough without scalping and gouging the ground with the deck or blower. Of course that’s where most of the leaves are.

So maybe a lawn sweeper like a 36 inch wide Parker would do a better job in that situation. I can rent one for about $30 for a day. I’ve been looking for something online via eBay, Craigs List, and so forth for something close by. I really don’t want to travel too far to get one.

I’ll probably just rent one for a couple of days, at least then I will know if it was the right tool for the job.”

Luke: “There is a guy in town that uses a self propelled leaf vacuum. The parking lots and the sidewalks are kept free from dust dirt and garbage. He just walks behind the vacuum and sucks up stuff off the sidewalks and along the curbs so the drains don’t get clogged.”

Andy: “The one by far that’s the best I’ve ever used, the multi-vac by Billy Goat. I got a demo unit from my local power equipment store, this will even pick up beer bottles and not break them, very nice machine.”

Justin: “I had one of those tow behind leaf sweepers before and it was a piece of junk. The wheel that turns the sweeper kept getting jammed up and the sweeper ended up breaking since it wasn’t turning and I was still pulling it. Maybe there are better ones out there but I wouldn’t recommend it to any professional landscaper.”

Keep all this in mind when you are considering your options for picking up leaves in the fall.

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