Apartment complex lawn care bid example.

It’s amazing how we can make concepts so complicated at times. How to find customers? Why does this become such a huge and unobtainable goal? Sometimes it’s as simple as going out and getting them. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, a simple goal to find a new apartment to live in also brought one entrepreneur a new commercial lawn care customer. To get the job, all he had to do was ask.

One lawn care business owner wrote “today I went from apartment hunting to a getting my first commercial lawn care bid placed.

I was out driving around and looked at a few complexes. The last one I went to, I told them I had two trailers I needed to park and a truck with vinyl on the sides that needed to be parked on property due to my business.

One of the ladies looked at me like ‘what?’ I explained 70% of my income is from my landscaping business. ‘Really now? Are you certified?’ she asked. Just by chance, all my paperwork and license just came in and I had them in the truck. I showed the license to her and she was impressed. An independent lawn care operator with OSHA approval and a compliance certification. She called the management company that owns the property and they sent someone out at 6pm.

We sat down and talked for a while waiting. She explained the current lawn care company they have is being fired for negligence and crappy work. They have had bids for work but, no one with OSHA approval.

I want/need to bid on this, I could really use the account. I don’t know how to do it though. I’ll also need to hire two more employees just for this job. It’s a 2 day job at least!

Here is a copy of the over head view of the neighborhood.

It includes everything around the lake.

Apartment complex lawn care bid

Apartment complex lawn care bid

The next day, I took a buddy with me who is in the business and gave him $25 to help me measure and break down all that is needed with the job. It took us two hours for the evaluation!

Here is what I came up with:

  • Mowing - will take 3.00 hours with roughly 2.76 acres in total. There is lots of area to be mowed. It will probably take 3 gallons of gas to mow everything so I figure it will cost the complex - $165 for this service.
  • Edge - we used a surveyor’s wheel to measure the total linear feet needed to be edged. I walked right against the curb, from the entrance to exit. It’s 3.24miles total that should take 2.5hours with fill ups, blade change half way through - $137.50.
  • Weed Eat - around the trees and all buildings should take 2.0 hours and one spool change - $110.
  • Clean-Up - full 3.24+ miles (I didn’t measure the side walks and first floors) 1.0 hour - $55.
  • Palm Trimming - up to 30ft $25 each, trimmed and billed as completed.
  • Hurricane Clean-up, prep service, tree services - $45/hr single man crew, $60 two man crew request, billed by the hour and $40 per 1,500 lb load.
  • Monthly pricing for bi-weekly mows - $1,595 (summer Apr - Nov) $935 (winter Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar).
  • Offered a full scale yearly service, included FULL SERVICE and $100 a month in foilage or $1,200 once yearly with installs at $2,300 a month flat rate, included hurricane and clean ups, on site service 24/7 services.

I ranged it off a full 8hr service, twice monthly. The area is blanketed in shade and they have about $3,500 in dead tropical plants that NEED to be replaced due to lack of sun light.

I did offer a leaf clean up for $200 flat (about $400 job with dumpster drops) to eliminate the natural FUEL FOR THE FIRE if one were to arise, it wouldn’t spread.

I dropped the quote off today with my OSHA Cert, and Insurance Papers. I had it all set up in a fancy/snazzy envelope with my logo and ATTENTION: Bid/Evaluation Material Enclosed - Time Limited Material. Had all of my contact information too.

I am moving into this complex on Sept 1st. I did a ‘localization’ and ‘Insurance’ discount to let them know I wouldn’t be charging for fuel since I will be living on location.

This $1,600 a month would make my day. I would be able to use my second trailer with a mower, edger, weed eater and trimmers for my residential customers and my buddy would become an employee so I could cover my 48 residential accounts, and this commercial account. I need this so I can quit my day job on Mondays and Tuesdays. Two more commercial accounts like this and I would be set.
I compared my bid price with one that I was able to create with the help of the lawn care business calculator and came up with 8.56 hrs for the job. My actual bid was just .56 short… it is DEAD ON! I’ll be using that more often now.

After submitting the bid and giving them time to consider it, they got back to me and said, I GOT THE BID!”

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