Annoying lawn care customer interactions.

There has to be a happy median you can find between talking all day to lawn care customers, and not stopping to talk to them at all. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from multiple entrepreneurs on how they handle talkative customers. Some want a friend, others want to give you gifts. Some just want attention. All this is going on while you are trying to maximize your day and make money. Seeing how others handle such situations will help you better deal with similar situations you run into.

One lawn care business owner wrote “there are so many retired folks in my community. They all need someone to interact with, and unfortunately that person many times ends up being me!

Having my guy slave away mowing lawns while I’m stuck talking can be a drag. It messes up our system. In some areas, like Mondays, we can get stuck talking to about 7 of our elderly customers a day for 5-10 minutes each, they have nothing better to do.

I have a client who came outside to inform me that he used to make scarves, and if I ever wanted a scarf I should ask him. This conversation about scarves lasted forever, then it was a conversation about his dead wife, and how he feeds his dog coffee, and how he grew a large tomato once. Then it begins, he talks about every single plant in his garden, then his grandchildren, then his neighbors, etc.

All of this gets repeated every time I maintain his lawn. He has memory issues so he must tell me the same story all the time, and often forgets who I am.

Now imagine that this is only one customer, but I have several like this. You can see why I want to rip my hair out!

Ringing a doorbell to say hi to a client, just to have good ‘client relations’ is never simple as just saying ‘Just wanted to say hi’ - no - this could put me in a trap where I’m stuck chit chatting all damn day and not getting any lawn mowing work done. They will want to talk to me about their family and how well they’ve all grown up, and about their previous jobs, about the year 1,000 when my clients were probably born and had to run from dinosaurs daily.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I think all of us have at least one annoying ass mowing customer. I have this one guy. I mow his & his sisters yard. Her’s is about 5 miles away from his. If I go cut his first, he rides all over the yard in his truck stopping me and saying get in I wanna show you something. I say nah I’ll just walk to where you’re going but he insists that I ride with him…… So we’ll ride like 50′ and he shows me a stinking hole I need to watch out for… So we go back to my mower and if I’m lucky he’ll only stop me 2 or 3 times.

We mow his sister’s yard right after his… Guess what… He follows us there and rides all over her yard too doing the SAME EXACT thing he does at his yard…. I learned after the 2nd time of cutting their yards to go cut his sisters first then cut his. We cut his yard today and he never left the porch!!! I asked him if he was feeling well and he said he was fine. The only reason I keep him is because he is an elderly, handicapped man and is super nice.”

A third shared “I never thought about this but my person to person lawn care customer interaction is low. 95% of the time the owners are not there when I mow. Almost all the houses I mow are vacation homes that are only used a few weeks/months out of the year. I was told once by the homeowner, stop line trimming after about an hour and a half session once. It was on a residence that’s a 4-5 hour, 1 man job. They told me to come back later when they weren’t home. I said OK… problem and came back in a couple days and started all over.I  think they realized the hard work that’s put into keeping their place looking nice.

That’s about my only customer disturbance in 2 years of mowing grass

As far as customers offering you freebies, like your customer’s scarves, take them! It makes the customer’s happy. They want you to have it, if they offer it. It’s almost a form of butt kissing. They feel all warm and fuzzy after ‘helping’ you out.”

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